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Performance of ANSF in fight against militants laudable

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Performance of ANSF in fight against militants laudable

Since the Taliban have mounted their subversive activities particularly in the past month of Ramadan—a sacred month being known for blessings. But, this month turned out to be the deadliest for innocent Afghan civilians because of the brutalities of the Taliban. With the arrival of this summer the Taliban unleashed a major offensive series that raised Afghan security officials’ anxiety. At the same time this summer proved our security forces are up to our expectations as they were successful in handling security during the presidential election.
The first phase of the election was really held in relatively very much peaceful situation however in the second round of the poll some security related problems were reported. But despite that security situation remained peaceful. However, during the month of Ramadan, security situation deteriorated. Defense analysts have maintained it is largely because of incoherent defense policy being set by the government, but in reality it’s because of the political deadlock triggered by the runoff election crisis and not signing the security agreement with the United States.
The summer month which is largely known as the fighting season, when there is no snow and movements for militants are easier as compared to the harsher winter season then insurgents mount their attacks. Moreover, Afghan security forces have demonstrated their security capacities well as we and the world saw their performance in the first phase of the presidential election. But as the poll process hit a serious snag then security situation deteriorated sharply and there were serious speculations the country is sliding back into pre-2001 times. Luckily the country was hold back by international intervention into the election stalemate nevertheless over the past month alone this troubled country witnessed two major insurgent offensives in strategically important provinces like Helmand and Nangarhar. Both the provinces touch Pakistan’s tribal belt.
Sangin the district of Helmand has been bleeding because of huge militant offensive while Hisarak district of eastern Nangarhar also witnessed bloodshed unleashed by militants.
Now it’s essential to ponder over why militants succeeded this summer to launch heavy terror offensive despite the fact that Afghan security forces have proven themselves they are up to the task of maintaining security and keeping militants at bay. Until now the Taliban have never succeeded in putting security forces to rout but it is the insurgents who have always opted to make flee when it comes to ground fighting. But at the same time when the insurgents observed they cannot put Afghan security forces to flight they carried out a deadliest bombing in Urgon—Paktika, where they killed over 96 civilians. This indeed was a coward act carried out by militants to divert the focus of defense ministry from Sangin. Besides that heavy presence of militants in Paktia province has been reported in the aftermath of Pakistan’s security forces offensive in North Waziristan tribal agency against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) militants. Since the de facto Durand Line border is highly porous and Afghan forces were busy in pushing insurgents back from Sangin that’s why they couldn’t fully focus on Paktia. In such a situation only the change in approach and neighborly relations with Pakistan could work out well as both the countries are faced with a common threat—but the problem is lack of coordination and trust deficit. Moreover, there should be a fair audit of vote so that there is no political deadlock.