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ANSF’s sacrifices must be admired

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ANSF’s sacrifices must be admired

 Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) proved for opponents that they are capable of maintaining security for their countrymen in any condition.

The people of Afghanistan and the international community have also saluted the efforts made by the security forces to provide better security in the most severe areas of the country. Their tireless efforts and dedication needs to be appreciated by people and officials.
US president has come many time to Afghanistan after hours-long travel just to say thank you to US forces for their sacrifice and service. He has done this before. Not only him but also leaders of other countries of the world have come to Afghanistan to visit their troops even in volatile provinces such as Helmand. As a matter of fact, such visits are made to support and raise the spirit of soldiers fighting in the battle ground; soldiers who have valued security of their homeland and countrymen more than their own lives. Such sacrifices are invaluable!
By their visits from time and time to their soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, the leaders of the West have set a noble example of how political leaders must go anywhere their troops are, shake hands with them and thank them for what they are doing for their country and people.
Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) that have bravely stood in defense of their homeland against the enemies and terrorists groups are real heroes and seems to be appreciated by President and other government leaders in a way they deserve.
Performing military duties in a country like Afghanistan where death follows one every moment is not easy and requires bravery, commitment, patriotism and sacrifice. Every year, hundreds of Afghan security forces are killed and injured in terror attacks and military operations. Since they have taken over security responsibilities of the country from International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) their death toll at times increased even up to the level 100 per week.
Afghan national army and police have proven their abilities in defending Afghanistan. They successfully arranged for security of the recently held presidential and provincial council election which was praised by the international community. As the presidential election went to deadlock and still the result is not cleared, but the ANSF are in the first line of combat against militant in the remote areas of the country. 
Although ANSF functions selflessly, Afghan leaders and the whole nation is required to stand behind them. They are the ones who deserve utmost attention, admiration, encouragement and support. It is the responsibility of the government to support the families of Afghan soldiers and police who are killed or injured in defense of the country in proper way. 
In his speeches, President Karzai has publically thanked many times the Afghan security forces for the sacrifices they have been making for peace and security of every Afghan including the president and other political leaders of the country.