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 Poverty in the country causes the young girls instead of going  schools to turn into vendors in open air or sell Bolani. ... Full story

Poor-quality constructed roads

 Poor-quality constructed roads, mostly around the Kabul downtown remained problematic, particularly, when a water pomp in some part, is ruptured. The picture shows a destroyed road, ... Full story

Toy guns’ use during Eid days

 Toy guns’ use during Eid days left more than hundred people wounded around the capital Kabul; moreover, import and selling toy guns would institutionalize culture ... Full story

Despite assistance of the international community

 Despite assistance of the international community, Afghanistan is still a poor country. Most of children instead of going to schools, are involved in hard works ... Full story

Ramadan is the month of virtue

 Ramadan is the month of virtue and forgiveness in which the Muslims recite The Holy Quran and pay alms, support poor. The photo shows  Muslim woman ... Full story

An old man with long shawl

 An old man with long shawl but highly perseverant, is seen in the picture carrying several bird-cages in the back to vend and earn some money ... Full story

Old man taking ablution

 Old man taking ablution to prepare for Maghreb prayer— a time before which, Muslims go to Ramadan dinner .     ... Full story

An old man

An old man, observing fast, taking a nap at a street-side in Kabul, where he wants to lessen his time of exhaustion to get nearer to the breaking fast amid hot weather’s Ramadan.

On the occasion of WMD:

 You’re a wonderful mom: giving me birth, bringing me up and even begging along the roads for me.   ... Full story

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