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Photo of the Day

Air and environment pollution

Air and environment pollution caused outbreak of various-even fatal diseases in many big cities of the country, especially Kabul. Kabul municipality’s attention to irrigate state-areas’ planted trees and bushes helps tackle the problems.


Carelessness of people and municipality caused the garbage bins in every corner of the capital city become full with rubbishes. The photo shows a garbage bin in Karte-Parwan placed close to a stationary booth.


Wooden beds are common since long in the country and people usually use and steep them in summer and spring nights and warm days. Some rural people put them under the shadow of trees and steep in the afternoon. The photo shows a middle age man who is knitting a traditional wooden bed.


Fruits beautify seasons. The picture shows berry filled buckets, the horticulturists have taken from some Kabul districts for sell.

Polluted gutter.

Amusement in some parts of Afghanistan includes swimming in pools. As there is no hygienic stream water, some children seen in the picture, may trying jocularly to loose a little boy into a polluted gutter.

Lack of green areas in the capital Kabul

Lack of green areas in the capital Kabul has turned garbage to postures for the livestock. In the picture, donkeys are searching garbage for something to feed themselves in a crowded area of Kabul.

Shir Yakh

Shir Yakh—an Afghan traditional dessert served during hot weather is now a days on the run across the cities, particularly in the capital Kabul. A young man, expert in making, with a costumer is posing for a photography in downtown Kabul.

Fresh fruits

In this season (Spring) diverse fresh fruits are available in local markets in the capital Kabul. All of them produced inside the country.


Women in Afghanistan are mostly interested in jewelries, particularly while getting married. A woman in one of the Kabul City Jewelry wants to buy golden bracelet.

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