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Photo of the Day

Playing football

Boys, after school, are using some sideways as playground, as they suffer lack of proper stadium even in the capital Kabul.

Powerful individuals

 Some powerful individuals, residing across the Qargha recreational site, are excavating their nearby area and throwing dust and clod into the water dam for building ... Full story


Alongside other drinks, sugarcane came among to help heat-stricken citizens duly watered as cold winter is over. A jolly youngster posing beside his piled up sugarcane stalks in a roadside in the capital Kabul.

Rhubarb type plant

A rhubarb type plant mostly grown in salang hillsides are picked and taken for sale in the country’s capital Kabul. The picture shows several bunches of the delicious plants in front of a shop in the city.

Child labor

Child labor is rampant in Afghanistan with many impoverished families forcing their kids for either working in streets or selling bread or Bulani (as shown in the picture) which is all due to poverty and no caretakers.

High tonnage trucks

High tonnage trucks mostly destroy the roads. Lack of scales and widespread corruption in the country’s commercial ports, allow such trucks to receive permission and cross the border that not only affect the country’s roads but also bring fears of capsizing at any time.

An old couple

An old couple not able to walk waiting for the bus. The woman, severely fragile uses a twig as walking stick.

A scene of historical Shadian Gate

A scene of historical Shadian Gate located in historical city of Mazar-i-Sharif the capital city of Balkh province. In ancient times, Bukhdi or today Balkh was the trade center that the caravan of merchandized were entering into historical city of Mazar-i-Sharif through this gate. This monument has special artichectural importance.


Hunting is one of ancient traditions of Afghan people, especially during the spring and summer seasons. The picture shows an adolescent under a tree that targeting a bird by a slingshot.

Street-vended mobile foods

Street-vended mobile foods are mostly used among some citizens, unaware of their risk to health. A man is shown in the picture, having launch from a cat-carried food pot in the open dusty air in Kabul.

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