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Family Cinemas to boost film industry

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Family Cinemas to boost film industry

 The Kahkashan Family Cinema has been established in Kabul to provide opportunities for the families so that to see their desired movies in a proper and different environment.

Talking with The Kabul Times Correspondent, WaliTalash head of the Afghan film directorate said that the civil and imposed war in Afghanistan had badly affected Cinema and film industry in the country, adding that based on efforts of the Afghan Film directorate, from among 36 cinemas, only Cinema Pamir and Ariana still ramined active.
“Since 2002, there have been 16 cinemas functioning in the country, where around 11 of which are in Kabul, including the five classic cinemas and six small 3D and 5D ones. There are three 3D cinemas in Herat and three other in Mazar-e-Sharif”Talash said, adding that sans Cinema Ariana, Park, KhairKhana and Pamir which runs through government’s support, the remaining others depend to private sector.
According to Afghan Film official, due to insecurity most of the families cannot go to Cinemas, and preferring to see their desired movies through local TV channels, Satellites or cable, which this has caused serious concerns to Afghan film and the Ministry of Information and Culture and would badly affect the art of going to Cinemas.
“To improve the art of going to Cinemas, we have hired female staffs for Pamir cinemas so that to pave the ground for families and to see their favorite movies”, Talash said, adding that fortunately another family cinema has been established with private funding by Abu Baker, one of the country’s businessmen to help families watch their movies far from any social disturbance.
Hinting to projection of the movies in the Kahkashan family cinema, Talash said that the cinema would import their movies and would be checked by the Afghan Film, adding that besides kahkashan cinema, another businessman known as Ibrahim would also take the initiative to establish cinemas in Kabul and Balkh provinces.
Talking with The Kabul Times correspondent, AhamdSakhra the in charge of Kahkashan family cinema said that cinema is the 7th art and main goal behind establishing of such environment is to pave the way for families to have some fun far from the ongoing challenges in the country.
“The Kahkashan family cinema is indeed a private one, which can affor 70 person at the time and would accommodate around 350 people in different seven timmings. The tickets’ prices depend upon timings. From one o clock to three o clock is 300 Afghanis and the ticket price goes high during the night which reaches to 500 Afghanis”, Sakhra told The Kabul Times, adding that cartoons and educational movies would be also projected for children. 
According to the cinema official, the movies are being projected with HD qualities, hoping that in the coming future different branches of Kahkashan to be established so that to ease the 7 million population of Kabul to see their desired movies.
Ahmad Shekib one of Kabul resident said that the art of going cinema has been badly affected during the civil war, and establishing of such family cinemas would help improve the industry, criticizing the cinema ticket pricing as according to him people facing economic challenges and such prices are not meeting people’s demand.
There are 117 cinema halls in the country, where 90 percent of which had been destroyed during the civil war. The establishing of such family cinemas would further boost the art of going cinema and pave the way for family to see their movies in a conformable environment.
Karima Malikzada