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AWSWO provides employment opportunities for youth

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AWSWO provides employment opportunities for youth

 The Afghan Women Social Welfare Organization (AWSWO) is non-government, non-profitable organization that has been operating officially towards improving and self-sufficiency of Afghanistan women economic conditions and higher education.

In an interview with The Kabul Time reporter, Chairman of AWSWO Ahmad Shekib Fakhri said, “Based on an initiative, the AWSWO started women capacity building and self-sufficiency programs, identified poor women and arrange them to learn tailoring and embroidery in training centers.
After learning of these skills, these women are employed by our productive facilities. Their high quality products are supplied to market and its income is invested for second group of poor women who are arranged for the same purpose and wages of our professional worker women are also paid.
He added, gradually the number of our graduates increased as our productive centers lacked employment capacity of large number of women.
Therefore, we paved them the way of work opportunities in their homes. We collected their products and supply to markets. During 2015 due to stagnation of the country’s economic situation, this process was stopped temporarily. The AWSWO encouraged its graduates to small and medium business and enabled them to make marketing inside and outside the country. Our graduates participated in different exhibitions on different occasions including 8th of March exhibitions in Badambagh, Bagh-e-Babur organized by the MoWA as well as exhibition of American University who made good income in all these occasions. This small network is gradually developing to a big productive network for women self-sufficiency.
Fakhri went on to say, the AWSWO graduates network has now rented several shops in Bagh-e-Zananah and supply products produced by our professional workers at their homes to customers. The AWSWO intends to connect its graduates network to domestic and global markets to receive further orders”.
Talking on paving the way of higher education and youth employment inside the country. Fakhri added, “Majority of youth failed to achieve higher educations due to economic constraints and had to migrate to other countries. In 2014, the AWSWO conducted a survey under another number the title of “Youth and their access to higher educations”. Unfortunately the results were worst than it was expected. Due to lack of families confidence to higher education sector. and common classes with boys, majority of families don’t allow their girls after high school graduation to admit to universities.  Therefore based on an agreement, for elimination of families concern and for creation of reliable atmosphere of confidence between families and higher educations institutes, separate classes for girls were arranged and created on certain times. Those students who are introduced by AWSWO to institutes of higher educations, are accepted with 75 pc discount.
Fakhri said, “We have covered Dunya , Afghanistan American University, Bakhtar, Maiwand institute of Higher Educations, Bayan, Edrak, Qalam, Mawj-e-Kawsar, Wahaj Kawsar Teachers Training in different precincts. 900 students including boys and girls were introduced to BA, MA and Diploma levels to 45 universities and institutes of higher educations in Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar, Samangan and other provinces. Those who gain highest score in each semester, their subsequent semester will be free of charge. After graduation, students are introduced to a six months stage program based on a coordination between Labor market and higher education institutes. 
In order to deal with complaints, we have established an online system in our website and students may share their problems with us.  
 Karima Malikzada