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Greenery of Women’s Park needs visitors’ cooperation

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Greenery of Women’s Park needs visitors’ cooperation

 The capital’s park special for women (Bagh-e-Zanana or Women Park) with its previous name since 2010 (Bagh-e-Shahrara or Shahrara Garden) had only a single building and few trees, gained its previous special fabulous designs highly interested by the visitors, an official said.

A caretaker of the park, Fareshta Farah briefed about, with The Kabul Times as saying, after being controlled by the ministry of women affairs in 2006, the officials planned to reconstruct the garden and change it into the women and girls training and recreational hub.
The park, the in-charge gave details that has been cleaned in a mass cleanup team including both the park’s workers and a number of the nearby beggars making totally some 600 people to change it into a clean green site for the female visitors, she said adding it has now some 13 guards and gardeners.
Some 140 non-fruitful saplings had been planted, alongside tens of bushes of roses inside the park to further make it beautiful and attractive for the visitors, said Mrs. Farah who looked pleasant with having all the Park’s workers and other personnel of the park struggle to protect and keep it green.
“We plan to have the parks designed with various types of trees and flowers, but not with those of fruitful trees as they would soon be destroyed by the visiting families with children,” she continued.
According to her, the park would be provided with different wide umbrellas under which, the visiting families could enjoy a rest.
Efforts are being made to draw attention for the domestic and foreign donors for more greenery of the parks, like in the past, the Care and USAID institution did much for the recreational women park, said Farah who added had taken the responsibility more than one week ago and that two dug wells are expected to be utilized for the watering of the flowers and the trees. The park remained open for hundreds of visiting women and girls each day, with the inner areas provided with library, kindergarten, sport-stadium and other special training areas for the women and girls.
Each ticket cost only 10 Afghanis, she said adding the investigating team from the presidential office had visited to the park that helped the visiting women trust in the security and immunity of the park, as they felt no secure in other parks for recreational purpose.
Different women related programs including training handicrafts, tailoring and other crafts are provided for the women and girls inside the parks, as well conferences related for them like March 8, Woman International Day is marked by the women activists and other high-ranking officials.
Islamic teachings are taught for the interested women and girls as well as the interested women are trained driving, jewelry, engraving etc inside the park, with hundreds of women graduating each year.
She asked the media for screen a real inners perspective of park and launch public awareness for the women to caution of the families prevent their children of climbing the windows and demolishing the trees and bursting flowers’ pelts. Karima Malikzada