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Balkh to host Int’l seminar on Mawlana

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Balkh to host Int’l  seminar on Mawlana

The international gathering of Balkhi to be held from Aug 22-24 in Afghanistan as per the suggestion and consistent efforts of Afghanistan cultural attaché in Tehran and the cooperation of ECO with the participation of acknowledged scholars and cultural professionals of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Tajikistan, Pakistan and some other countries.
Aimed at development of cultural cooperations, the ECO cultural organization has been setup beside ECO with main membership of Afghanistan. Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan while some other countries are included it unofficially.
Balkhi international seminarwas due to be held in 1394(2015) but to find the reason behind delay and more information on the goal of its holding, an interview was made with cultural attaché of Afghanistan embassy in Tehran Mohammad Afsar Rahbeen.
BNA: Could you please provide information on holding of Balkhi international seminar?
Rahbeen: late 1393, for the first time holding of this gathering was suggested by Afghan cultural attaché in Tehran to ECO cultural institute which was accepted and was expected to be held in 1394 but due to problems it was not held. During the recent visit of MoIC deputy minister Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi to Tehran this issue was discussed with the officials of ECO cultural Institute and an agreement was made.
BNA: What is your role in this gathering and what measures have so far been adopted?
Rahbeen: Following the agreement between MoIC deputy minister and ECO cultural Institute, I was  ordered to come to Kabul to pave the way for preliminary steps.
BNA: Where and when this gathering would be organized?
Rahbeen: This gathering will be held from Aug 22-24 in Balkh and Kabul.
First I explained full draft plan of the gathering will Balkh acting governor and MoIC authorities  which was welcomed by MoIC and Atta Mohammad Noor pledged to assist and cooperate in providing the expenditures of the gathering which will be held for two day in Balkh and one day in Kabul.
BNA: while only few days have left to holding of the gathering, whether essential preparations have been taken?        
Rahbeen: since one month a commission and several committees have been setup in Balkh and Kabul to pave the way for holding of the gathering and started their activities.
BNA: could you please explain the gathering programs?
Rahbeen: in the first two days in Balkh, beside delivery of academic essays, vast artistic and cultural programs including reading of Masnavi, Samaa Dance, music, drama, theatre will be displayed. Chairman of ECO cultural institute, a number of scholars and experts on Mavlana from Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey would be attending it. On the third day in Kabul, two books of Iqbal Lahori which are translated by me in verse and published by ECO cultural institute, will be unveiled. At the conclusion a dinner banquet will be organized by the MoIC in honor of the participants.
BNA: do you have any additional comment?
Rahbeen: I have done my best for further glorious holding of this gathering. Our goal is that the world people should believe that Balkh is the birth place of Mawlana, the universal dignitary and this great pride should remain in the memory of the world people.  The Kabul Times