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The blessed ‘Day of Arafat

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The blessed ‘Day of Arafat

Arafat is one of the blessed and auspicious days during which one of the biggest gatherings of good, benevolence, faith and honesty take place for worshiping and obedience of Allah the Almighty. Prayers, pleadings, wishes, beseeches go up towards skies and blessings and mercies come down on the earth. Sins and mistakes are forgiven, while hopes, regrets and humilities are expressed.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the preacher of a mosque Mavlavi Abdul Shakor said, the day of Arafat is a great and auspicious day as the sun has never shone braintly like in that day. The Arafat in fact contains valuable advantages, great specifications, high qualities and endless virtues that their counting and conversance is very difficult and even impossible.
He added, the day of Arafat is the day of praying, beseeching, forgiveness and the best praise in this day is to say, There is no Allah except the Almighty. The Great Prophet( PBUH) had considered it as the best day and had performed the best praise and most contentful in that day.
Because Arafat is the master of all days and the holy word of There is no Allah except the Almighty is the master of praises.
So it is on time and suitable to perform the best praise in the best day in order to be the loyal follower of our great Prophet (PBUH). No doubt the holy word that was repeated by the Great Prophet (PBUH) in the day of Arafat, has many virtues.
He added, going to Arafat is incumbent by Allah upon his loyal servants. Muslims go there, remember their sins and mistakes once again pledge to Allah the Great and ask Him forgiveness to their sins and errors. They know well that except the high court of Allah there is no other reliable sanctuary or shelter and Allah is the most compassionate, the most merciful.
Talking on fasting in Arafa, he said, fasting has big virtue not only during Arafa but from the first of Zelhujjah to the tenth of that month has the virtue of one year worshiping or the virtue of the Qadr night.
The Great Prophet (PBUH) has said that there are two big days the day of Eidul-Fitr and Eid of Udha in which the sins of muslims are forgiven by Allah.
In Eidul Udha, rich muslims, should make Qurbani that causes forgiveness of sins by Allah. It is the best method of sincerity before Allah and a big religious obligation. The Qurbani meat should be divided into three parts, one part for the owner of Qurbani, the second part for deserving people and the third part for relatives and neighbors.
Qurbani is a valuable phenomenon that contains obedience of Allah. On the nights of 9th and 10th of Zulhujjah inspiration was revealed to Hazrat-e-Ibrahim (PBUH) that only for the sake of Allah, take his son Ismaeal to Manna and Sacrifice Him. This was indeed a great ordeal but both father and son succeeded. Despite of his serious affection to His son, Hazrat-e-Ibrahim obeyed order of Allah, took His son to Manna, tied His hands and feet and decided to sacrifice Him. Hazrat-e-Ibrahim also condoled his father and said that he is obedient to Allah order. When Ibrahim used his knife, the knife refused to cut the throat of Ismael due to order of Allah. Allah proclaimed Ibrahim that you succeeded from the ordeal of Allah and release your son, and instead of your son, I give this sheep to you from the Heaven and sacrifice him. Hazrate Ibrahim became very happy, kissed his son and sacrificed the sheep. Since that day, the first day of Eidul Udha has been called as Qurban. For fourteen centuries, the muslims scarify camel, Ox, goat and sheep for the sake of Allah.
Mavlavi Abdul Shakoor added, the action of Qurbani is very important. Qurbani is incumbent on every wise, adult, with financial capability muslims.