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Afghanistan moving toward constructive diplomacy, ambassador

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Afghanistan moving toward constructive diplomacy, ambassador

 Afghanistan’s foreign policy is getting better by each passing day, as it has the capacity of a normal diplomacy right now. 

There is no doubt that one of the greatest achievements is attention to women rights. Because, since the last fifteen years, due to a good political and social atmosphere, the women have had special position in different fields particularly in diplomatic area, as right now, five Afghan women are working at Afghanistan’s embassies abroad.   
Ms. Khujasta Fana Ibrahim Khil, an Afghan ambassador in Vienna told The Kabul Times, “after, I received my bachelor degree from the laws and political science faculty of the Kabul University, I started working at the foreign ministry, during which I worked as deputy, head of office, Charge d’affaires of the country in Washington and acting ambassador of Afghanistan in the U.S.”
 “I am used to change my working environment like a small Afghanistan, where there are respect to national interests, unity and cohesion, thus, I will spare no effort in any post being appointed,” she further said. 
Availing the experiences I have received in diplomatic areas, I will make effort to strengthen the foreign policy, she said, adding if it is done, will better ensure Afghanistan relations with foreign countries. 
She added that Afghanistan’s national security is directly linked with diplomacy. In fact, if the world support Afghanistan, it actually means supporting peace and international security, she went on to say.
Therefore, a diplomat should make effort to tell his/her country’s security position in a host country, she continued.  
Strengthening national economy through diplomacy is one of our goals, because, one of the most important sections of diplomatic relations is reinforcement of economic ties, she said, adding, Afghanistan is a poor country and needs world support for long. 
Coordination with Islamic countries is another goal of me, because, as Afghanistan is an Islamic country, therefore, it needs to tighten relations with other Islamic countries, she stated.
She added that fortunately, the Afghan women could play significant role in different fields so far, stressing they can overcome the ongoing challenges with common activities and efforts. 
Fortunately today, Afghanistan has special position among the world countries and the government of national unity has somehow practiced its commitments to women, she added.
 “I believe that Afghanistan’s foreign policy is getting better by each passing day and it has the capacity of a normal diplomacy right now,” she continued.
“We should further focus on refugees and defend their rights through a sound diplomacy in any corner of the world, because, one of the important tasks of diplomats is defending Afghan citizen rights,” she added. 
It is worth mentioning the Ms. Khujasta is married. She has three sons and a daughter. She expects to be a role model to her children so they also serve their country in the future.