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Air corridor, most effective transit route between Afghanistan & India

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 Air corridor has recently been opened between Afghanistan and India for economic and trade development and can be effective for transit of Afghan products.

Khanjan Alokozay, Deputy to Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries in an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent while considering launching the air corridor between Afghanistan and India as valuable said, “Based on decision of economic council and decision of the country’s President himself and for having trade relations with the world besides an alternative route, we’ve launched an air corridor with India and the first flight of the corridor through which 62 tons of Afghan traders’ medical plants were transited from Kabul to New Delhi kicked off in the month of Ramadan”.  
Based on protocol signed between the government, chamber of commerce and industries and Aryana Airline, the trade goods transited through the corridor to India will be charged 20 cent and the goods transited through Wagah to India were also charged 20 cent, but the goods transited through the corridor from India to Afghanistan will be charged 40 cent, while the rest paid as subsidy to the government.
According to deputy to Afghanistan chamber of commerce and commerce, 40 tons fresh fruits from Kandahar have been transited through the corridor to India during the past two days and currently the process is continuing. Alokozay further asserted that trade goods were transited through the corridor and by Cargo, adding that normally 10 tons trade goods were transited daily to India by Aryana Afghan Airline flight, while 50 – 60 tons were transited by Cargo.
Related to importance to the respective corridor, Khanjan Alokozay said, “This corridor is valuable for traders to transit their goods and products to India and the best route for exports and imports of goods between Afghanistan and India”.
“Relations between India and Afghanistan are improving day by day as Afghanistan has currently imports and exports worth $ 500 and by launching the new air corridor between the two countries our exports and imports will get double. On the other hand, trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has decreased considerably because Pakistan has created many problems for Afghan traders in Karachi port as well as in Torkham”, Alokozay said.
Answering a question related to challenges and problems with which Afghan traders are facing, deputy to Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries said the main challenges with which Afghan traders and investors were facing were lack of security, corruption, lack of infrastructures, transit problems and other technical issues as lack of scanners in Afghanistan airports so that goods could be checked.
“Despite of challenges in big cities of the country as Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, we have very good achievements in investment section in Kabul, but it is necessary that the lives of Afghan traders and investors should be protects”, he said, adding that extortions and very strict laws were other challenger facing private sector in the country.
It is worth mentioning that besides transit routes as Chabahar port, Aqina, Hairatan, Shirkhan and transit route connecting Hairatan of Afghanistan to Uzbekistan and China, Afghanistan government should find other air corridors for Afghan traders and improvement of transit condition so that Afghan goods and products would be transited other countries and the current air corridor between Afghanistan and India is a good example for development of trade and business.
 Shukria Kohistani