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Roadside grids Painting started in Kabul

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Roadside grids Painting  started in Kabul
 Painting grids alongside roads have already been started in the capital Kabul in four zones. 
The painting process has been financed by UN-Habitat—part of an effort to maintain traffic safety alongside the roads. 
Head  of Kabul Municipality publications department, Abdul Jalil Sultani told The Kabul Times that the aim of painting grids is to maintain traffic safety alongside the roads on one hand and on the other, the drivers will get informed where the stop or parking places are, and also help them easily reach their destinations and don’t disturb our countrymen. 
 “The program has simultaneously started in four zones of Kabul city which includes, 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th districts and other districts will also be recovered soon,” he further said.
 “The Kabul Municipality has also other plans which would be executed fundamentally and based on standards and norms,” he added. On future plans of the Kabul municipality, he said, “Kabul Municipality has had specific and different plans since 1395, and one of them are to decrease transport problems in the capital and we need the interior ministry cooperation in the respect.”
He said our next program was to paint the houses on mountains—a process which would be done in cooperation with Capital Zone Development Agency and Kabul Municipality, adding a part of the process has already been completed and the rest would be wrapped up soon. 
At the same time, Dost Mohammad Khurami, the UN-Habitat representative said his agency was about to implement painting of roads in cooperation with Kabul Municipality, adding we plan to execute the plan in 15 districts. 
The UN-Habitat agency has recruited the unemployed people for completion of the process, Khurami further said. 
 “We have planned to paint 10km in each Kabul district which would cost $18000 and the money would be paid by the World Bank,” he went on to say.   
Rahman, is a worker who works in painting section of the process since four months. He said I was jobless for years, adding now, I found this job and I am happy with it.
 He asked the Kabul Municipality to recruit him as a formal worker. 
 Karima Malikzada