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Tazza Burger factory needs government cooperation

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Tazza Burger factory needs government cooperation

 As a fast food worldwide, Burger has most of its consumers, for the first time arranged within a big factory in Afghanistan, where Abdul Karim, head of a burger producing factory said in cooperation with the national traders he could import raw materials to offer the most popular food in Afghanistan, with high quality and scale.

“I was trained well in Pakistan how to make burger and when returned home we started to establish a factory to produce high quality fast food, mostly producing burger,” Karim who established the company in 2009 in Kabul told The Kabul Times.
He said his company’s food producing devices are imported from European countries, especially Germany adding there are eight different types of utensils such as mixer, burger and sausage baker etc, and producing different types of fast foods.
According to the head of Tazza Company, the needed raw meats affirmed from lawfully slaughtered calf and chicken are provided from Kabul slaughterhouse, but if needed would be imported from Iran, Pakistan, Dubai and India.
Six types of burger are produced from chicken, while ten types from calf meats, Karim said adding his company had found numerous of its costumers since the establishment of the company.
The prices for any of burger and sausage are different, in accordance with the dollar price in Afghanistan, with the past price of each dollar against 46 afgahanis, while currently each dollar is sold against 46 to 58 afghanis.
Meat in the Kabul city was sold in 100 or 120 afghanis in the past, while recently, it’s sold in 300 or 350 afghanis, said Karim who added, he was forced to rise the burger price because the company had rented a location and faced financial problem. But, he complained about indiscriminate deal of the citizens, who are purchasing foreigner produced burgers with low price and low quality, with only 10 afghanis difference between his produced burgers. “We are offering nearly 600kg of our products during work-hours, but off duty and breaks, we make up to 200kg products each day,” he added.
According to him, they had established only one agency in the Kochi Market in the capital, but expected to set up other agencies in the provinces and expand in Kabul as well under a sure atmosphere.
On whether his company is facing any problems, he said: “Yes, lack of electricity, lack of an appropriate location. We rent location for the company. We transfer our firm from one place to another.” 
A company with newly getting operational is exempted from tax for 5 to 7 years, but the government is asking for taxes on the imported materials from 10 to 20 percent, also when wanted to install our ad-boards, the municipality ask $15, while the rent was earlier only $9 each square-meter.
The head of the Tazza Burgar Company asked the government for lessening its taxes, particularly the municipality to reduce the rent for the ad-boards.
He also complained about the prolonged election process saying the traders are facing heavy losses as a merchant in the past was used to rent a container to transfer his goods from Karachi of Pakistan in $3000 but, now rent it in $6000.
10 of each 1000 traders had stopped their activities in Afghanistan, where unambiguous election process he blamed for being behind the serious problems.
The required materials of the company producing burgers were reached to Kabul within one month in the past while due to the election stalemate, the process take at least three months to get the goods reached from abroad.
Ajmal who is working in the company since its establishment told The Kabul Times, he was happy to find job here, as he said he right now earns 8,000 afghanis each month, but complained about the citizens who are preferring to purchase burgers from the company because of being 10 afghanis lower than those produced in low quality in other factories.
“There are 20 people working in production of the burger with other types of its offshoots in the company,” he concluded hoping the security situation of the country led to a stability, to help investment grow and his company, where he is working reshuffle and get popularize across the country. 
     Karima Malikzada