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I want to show my work in foreign exhibition: Artist

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I want to show my work in foreign exhibition: Artist

 Painting coincides with the emerge of mankind, as under rummage into caves by the archeologists in some provinces of the country, particularly Samangan and many other sites in world countries suggests that the early ages men have used to train their next generations through this art that how to hunt the wild animals.

An expert in painting, Mohammad Nader Walizad who is working in Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Gallery told The Kabul Times that he had rigorously been interested to learn the art, since his childhood, prompting him to enroll in a professional school in Kabul, through a free entrance-exam, and began studying in Class 9 of the Industry School.
He said he was too keen to get educated of the painting and chosen the art consisting painting, graphic, statuary and ceramic.
Walizad said he graduated from the professional school with high grade and started work in the ministry of information and culture in 2003, according to him, the situation got worsened, and he left his residence from a location to another.
He said that he succeeded to enter the Kabul University in the Faculty of Art after spending his internally displacement in 2008 and graduated in 2013.
The artist said he was highly interested to paint the nature and had as many as 20 graphic works and his own made statutes and mostly follow the classic style in his profession.
According to him, the materials used for making a statue is chalk, wax and a special clay, as he said the work was not as easy as everyone could and added in order to mold a statue, there is a need to firstly bake chalk and then use for making different formats for several statues.
In 2009 during a show in Baber Garden, to celebrate the Art Day, I got several awards and an appreciation letter from the ministry of information and culture, when I put in show several works.
In an anti-corruption contest held by the Integrity Watch Afghanistan, among several art boards, such as Kabul University Faculty of Art, Arts Institute, Center of Modern Arts and others centers related to arts, he said his work could get the first position and was awarded highly, as well as an official appreciation letter he had received from the related institute
“I want to put my work in show in the international exhibitions as the traditions and costumes of the Afghans are unique across the world,” he concluded.
Karima Malikzada