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A calligrapher with charming fingertips

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A calligrapher with charming fingertips

 Afghanistan is a country with huge cultural prides and each pages of its history could be considered as the symbol of artistic, scientific masterpieces and structural elements of old civilizations.

Based on historical evidents, we can say that this territory has been in the course of history  known as the mother of cities and center of civilizations and cradle of cultural professionals and artists.

 The art of calligraphy  which is the pivot and part of Islamic arts has played valuable role in the formation of this magnificence and has been the outcome of efforts and endeavors of penmen and calligraphers which has been inherited to us since centuries in different forms.

Protection and promotion of this noble art makes our responsibility more heavy.

In this historical junction another honorable personality from the origin of Mehr Ali, Mir Emad and Attars has raised straight up and displayd valuable calligraphic works under the name of Nemaz-e-kumel, Pang-Gang, book of calligraphy and another artistic book which contains different samples of Islamic calligraphy.

 These are written in the style of Khorasan. This skilled calligrapher is Ustad Ghulam Haider Sohab who has spent long time in this direction and has trained large number of pupils and presented them to our Islamic and art loving society.

Ustad Ghulam Haider Sohab has completed his primary private educations under his acknowledged father who was an outstanding religious scholar, poet, writer, calligrapher and an author of Gulistan Saady.

He has been recognized as a qualified calligrapher in writing different forms. He had also contacts with other qualified calligraphers including late Sayed Mohammad Eshan and Sayed Mohammad Dand Husseini the well known calligraphers of Kabul.

In a conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on his activities he said over 40 years before I started calligraphy and large number of my works could be seen in different Islamic calligraphy like Nastaalique, Sols, Shekast, Naskh and Kofi which have been displayed in domestic and foreign exhibitions by the MoIC and I have received several letters of appreciation and certificates from the MoIC.

Talking on the chapter of Noor and Alqalam in Holy Quran, he said, for the first time the pen day was marked in Afghanistan on 16 of Sour 1392 and I attended this function. My work was called “Earth” in which  I had calligraphed the chapter of Noor, Alqala and Wamayesteroom and I won an award, one silver pen by Khorshid TV.

 I appreciate Khorshid TV.

Talking on his letters of appreciation he has received so far, he said, one of my works was sent to India in 1385 by the MoIC for displaying in Tourism Festival and I received a letter of gratitude, another letter of appreciate was given to me in 1387, another in 1388 on the occasion of Nowroz festival and another one on the occasion of ECO ministers meeting in Mazar-i-Sharif. On 28 Mizan 1383 I received a letter of appreciation by the MoIC.

Karima Malikzadah