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Acquaintance with a lady who was fond of joke since childhood

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Acquaintance with a lady who was fond of joke since childhood

 In literature, Joke is called those literary versified or prose-poem verses which explain or challenge socio-politico or humanitarian and even philosophical ideas and behaviors in a ridiculous way.

Lady Fatema Naik Rasooli is one of the joke writers who talked with The Kabul Times reporter on her joke writing methods and cultural activities and said, ridicule is an important literary term and explains realities with sportful and fatal words. Thank to Allah that I could write more on some negative things existing in our vicinity.
Lady Rasooli added, if we have a sound and healthy society and family with educated members and rich with science and culture, the role of this literary term is fading and becomesless distinguished because there is no need to it and one cannot find negative element in a sound society.
Talking from where she has started joke, Mr. Rassoli said, I started joke writing at home and unintentionally. My sister Aziza Rasooli Qeyam and my late brother Faizullah Rassoli brought me subjects from their work place. Thus I started and my mother and my husband Eng. Naik Mohammad also helped me and didn’t hinder me to write joke. I continued and gradually my jokes were published.
Ms. Fatema Naik Rasooli has mostly talked those issues which written about current shortages, hardships and problems in Afghan society in form of joke and ridicule and at the same times she has suggested solutions to these issues. With reading these jokes the reader will be noticed how to improve society. Ms. Rasooli went on to say, I am a teacher of class three and at the same time I follow a six months training course of children psychology. I also work as a family advisor with a women support office. I am involved in consultative to family disputes at (secure homes). I always try my best that my advices be more realistic and socialized. I also work with a local radio station called FM  99/9.
She added I am a member of Jawzjan provincial peace committee and on behalf of this peace committee I often go to remote villages and ten districts to give awareness to people on peace and its advantages.  Ms. Rasooli explained I have received several awards and letters of appreciation for my writings. For example I received a letter of appreciation from the MoWA, an award of silver Pen from Khroshid TV and a second degree letter of appreciation on the occasion of Pen Day from the Academy of Sciences.
Ms. Rasooli said at present due to intensive activities, the women in Jawzjan have developed well but despite of this the role of provincial women affairs department is fading and even women are not acquainted with the building of women affairs department. Poverty is a serious challenge in Jawzjan province. 
She added that my message has been explained through my writings, I hope that full security will prevail our homeland, the people lead their life in peace and if God willing everything will be Ok. Ms. Fatema Rassoli was born in 1969 in an educated and intellectual family in Sare-Pul province and has received her BA in Chemistry and Biology from Jawzjan university. The collection of her jokes reflect the consequences of war and peace and make the role of women in social activities and their sacrifices outstanding. Her works include:
- Harkas Khodesh Beshnasah
- As Dast-e- Shah Gul
- Aqobat Bakhair
- Sorgardani 
Karima Malikzada