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Comprehensive plans on hand to provide shelter for citizens, Ministry

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Comprehensive plans on hand to provide shelter for citizens, Ministry

 Beside other problems, lack of shelter is another problem faced by those countrymen who have no good economic situation and are suffering from such problem.

The authorities of Urban Development Ministry say that with construction of new townships, in long-run, the problem of homeless Kabul citizens would be removed.
Following are the excerpts of an exclusive interview with deputy Minister for Urban Development, Eng. Mohammad Akbar Ahmadi which was carried out by The Kabul Times Report (KT).
KT: So far, how many buildings have been constructed by Urban Development ministry in Kabul and based on which standards and condition would be distributed to our homeless compatriots?
Deputy Minister: Implementation of urban development programs, designing and construction of government buildings, implementation of programs in residential areas, providing shelters in different categories are from among the duties of urban development ministry. In construction of shelters and infrastructural plans, this ministry has made good achievements.
The ministry of urban development has built townships and residential quarters for our homeless countrymen in capital and provinces of the country that majority of them are house construction projects.
20000 flats in Khwaja Rawash area. 30000 flats in Deh Sabz of Kabul, Khushal Khan Rahman Mena and other areas of Kabul city have been built.
KT: To what extent the program for construction of residential quarters are promoted and under which conditions to be distributed to citizens?
Deputy Minister: The projects which were built by this ministry are including seven residential blocks (366 ten-story apartments) in the area of Fourth Microrayon that completed last year and distributed to deserving citizens.
Another project is four blocks of 19, 20, 21 and 22 which were built at the same area. The construction was completed in 2009 and was laid at the disposal of our citizens.
Our third project is, residential blocks that its first phase was built in Khwaja Rawash with the total amount of $366 million.
The nine-story residential blocks of Khushal Khan with the investment of 17 Million and 260.000 USD which include 321 apartments.
The 18-story blocks of the Microrayon-5 with total investment of 68 million and 178000 USD which include 720 residential apartments.
Another important project that is built by United Arab Emirates in Qasaba area would be distributed to government employees against long-term instalments.
It is include of 25 blocks and is built with the capital of $179 Million and include 3333 apartments.
Then, the shares of ministries are introduced to us that after construction of residential blocks to be distributed to homeless employees. Because, based on presidential order, after official process, these flats are distributed to deserving government employees by the ministry of urban development.
This is a good opportunity for government employees. Because, its money is paid in long instalments.
KT: Those buildings which are not completed so far, belong to which areas and to what extent their works are completed and when would lay down at the disposal of deserving employees?
Deputy Minister: The project of Khwaja Rawash township would be completed after one year, and our another project is “Memar-i-Shahr” that is under construction by private sector and is include of 12820 apartments and is built in accord with modern standards. 50 blocks would be built in Gulistan project with the investment of private sector in four blocks with the investment of 13 Million and 962000 USD.
Lala Township that is include of 15 story blocks with the capital of 28 million and 140000 USD.
The residential blocks of fourth Microrayon that is built with cooperation of House Construction Company (HCC). With completion of these projects the problem of huge number of our compatriots would be removed.
KT: What is your future plans for construction of residential quarters and elimination of homelessness in the country?
Deputy Minister: This ministry plans till in short-term, to build 12000 residential flats for our citizens and in long run, 30000 residential quarters in Qasaba area and 10000 residential quarters along with yards in this area. 
20000 residential apartments in different categories for those who have low income and would be distributed to them.
Likewise, this ministry considers to establish a shelter fund and then a shelter bank to help our shelter-less compatriots.
The committee of economic council of CM approved the establishment of shelter fund and tasked a commission in the connection to collect its income and through this to take loans with a fixed tax to citizens till they earn shelter for themselves by this money.
KT: Do you have programs for those shelter-less compatriots live in the provinces?
Deputy Minister: In the future, we have development programs in construction of townships in the capital and provinces of the country especially in Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Khost, Bamyan, Herat, Balkh and some other provinces so to serve our shelter-less compatriots.
Likewise, in all our projects, its 7% of shelters are distributed to crippled and disabled and families of martyrs. 
Suraya Raiszada