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Ahmad Shah Massoud high school needs urgent care

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Ahmad Shah Massoud high school needs urgent care

 According to Kabul city education department, in the last thirteen years over hundreds schools, have been constructed or rebuilt in Kabul city but still the capital schools are encountering serious problems such as lack of standard buildings, laboratories, Laptop computers, sufficient classrooms etc. one of this is Ahmad Shah Masoud high school located in the center of city and has been accommodated in a non-standard building with minimal resources. The Kabul time’s reporter carried out the following interview with principal of this high school Mohammad Ehsan Shadman:

KT: when this school was named after the national hero and how many shifts the student are thought?
The Principal: Before this was called as Sherpoor high school and in1383 H.S it was named after Ahmad Shah Masoud by the ministry of education. The students attend classes in three shifts:
The first shift from 06:30 to 10:15 the second from 10:15 to 13:30 pm and the third shift from 13:30 to 17:00.
KT: At present, what are your serious problems and main challenges?
The Principal: 
Our main problem is lack of a standard building as currently this school has been accommodated in a private house which is not suitable to a high school in the capital.
This school has five departments that all of them have been stationed in the main office which each needs a separate office. No attention has been invited to our basic needs so far.
Whether any step has been taken to solve your problem by the MoE  or Massoud Foundation? If not any reason?
The Principal: several delegations from the MoE and Massoud Foundation visited our school but no result. 
As the principal of a high school, I expect the MoE to act evenly for settling of schools problems.
A number of teachers and students also confirmed the above problems, complained on lack of standard classrooms, laboratories, computers etc and said , “ The building of this school is an old one and actually it is a residential house.
 Its rooms are too small that don’t have the capacity of 35-40 students in one time.
Mohammad Jawad Howaida the head of science department said, “ Our main problem is lack of a permanent building. Several delegations from the MoE visited and witnessed our problems but no step was taken. We are in urgent need of classrooms, laboratory etc.
Bibi Haji a female teacher of this high school who has served over thirty years in this school, said, “ Despite of our efforts, still our main problem is going on. Once again I request MoE and Massoud Foundation to focus attention in this problem”.
We visited one of the classrooms, it was really painful, as in a small room 20-35 students some of them sitting on the ground due to lack of chairs. 
Waisudin who was busy with his examination paper and he said, “I am student of eleventh class. Our main problem is lack of building to our high school. 
If we compare it to the other Kabul high schools, we will see big difference. We lack classrooms, laboratories, sport field etc. I plea to MoE to hear our innocent voice”.
Mohammad Nasim another student said, “This is not a proper place to a high school. 
Despite of limited resources, we have qualified teachers and good students. 
But we suffer from lack of building, classrooms, laboratories, chairs, desks etc. 
I hope the responsible authorities of the MoE and Masoud Foundation would hear our appeal”.
In their talks with the Kabul times reporter, the MoE authorities confirmed current problems and challenges of this high school as the spokesman of the MoE Mohammad Haqmal said, “In the last thirteen years, we have implemented over 12000 schools construction projects and at present we have more than 17400 schools throughout Afghanistan, in order to have a balanced development, so equal share should be given to all provinces”.
He added, “We implemented construction projects in most provinces but unfortunately some of our schools in Kabul city have no building. 
We will try to provide buildings to all schools in five years and other problems including desks etc will also be talked”.
Haqmal went on to say that there is no difference among schools in Kabul city and all schools are equal to MoE. 
Lack of buildings, chairs, desks, laboratories etc is general problems of the MoE.
Acknowledging that Massoud Foundation is a non profitable organization, the in charges of MF said that in one year Massoud high school will have a building.
Assistant chief executive of MF Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Shaheem said, “ As a non-profitable organization , MF is trying to play positive and effective role beside the government for supply of service. 
This organization has no regular budget from a certain source and is relying on assistance and contribution of benevolent individuals and charity agencies. 
Actually the MoE is responsible to construct buildings to schools and should evenly care all schools. 
I accept that our delegations visited Massoud high school and support of this school is at the top of our priorities”.
Suraya Raiszada