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Leena Alam, successful cinema artist

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Leena Alam, successful  cinema artist

  Leena Alam, the artist of cinema in Afghanistan began her artistic work in 1997.

Despite this she promotes the responsibility of management of film-manufacturing company of Leena Alam as well.
Leena played central role in numerous films.
Ms. Alam in the connection told The Kabul Times reporter that when I left for the US, in that time, those Afghans living in that country were interesting to Afghan films.
I was beginner in film-making and had no much experience and with encouraging of people, I began to film-making.
Ms. Leena Alam said that as I mentioned before, I began my artistic work in the US in 1997.
The abled Afghan artist, Salam Sangeen encouraged me in this field and since that time I have continued my artistic work.
The films which I played role are include of : Saugand-i-Ishq, Sarzamin-i-Beganah, directed by Sayeed Worokzai, film of Bacha-i-Kabuli directed by Barmak Akram and film of Ishq-i-Khamoush directed by Seyar Noorzad that from among them, the film of Bacha-i-Kabuli is screened in one of festivals held in Italy.
This film got the prize of Human Rights and ‘Charkhesh Dar Yak Dayera’ film gained two prizes in third international festival of Kabul.
Ms. Leena Alam added that I attended in third international festival of Kabul films, 4th festival of Tolo-TV, second festival of human rights of Afghanistan that as a result, the prize of encouragement was given to me by Olympic Committee.
In 2007 I won four times the prize of best actress women in Afghanistan. Likewise, in 2009 I selected as the ambassador of peace by UNAMA office in Kabul. I did my best in this respect.
Ms. Leena Alam stated that in two films in the name of Sarzamin-i-Beganah, I played my role which was directed by Hafiz Asefi and successful actor Salam-i-Sangin. It was a good opportunity for me. I am one of those who are interested to Salam Sangin.
The subjects of the films which I played my role in them within previous nine years reflected the present ground realities and I gained prize as well.
In connection with her films Ms. Alam said that I had two other films too and the film which was produced in the US, the scenarist was Hamed Naveed.
It was directed by Jalal Worokzai that was named as “Lerray” I screened four films in the US and another four films were produced in Afghanistan.
The first film that I have played role is named Sazenda-i-Ishq but my first film which was screened named as Sarzamin-i-Begana.
In respond to a query she said that my first aim of playing in film in the first step is narration of my internal feelings as well as that of thousands other females that based on various reasons, their feelings were made silent in their hearts and finding of them in characters which I play in my opinion is the best means in present situation of Afghan society for narration of those feelings that are made silent.
In connection with the cinema of Afghanistan, Ms. Alam said that as I see the art of cinematography is developing.
When I had come to Afghanistan years before, many films were making, meaningful films which were directed by young actors and these films are screened in overseas and also gained prize.
I hope good developments be ahead. Every film needs $2000 but in present condition, our actors and actresses economized in the process. In regard with being as arbitrator in 8th theatre festival, she said that as an arbitrator, I attended in 8th theatre festival.
When I watch the programs, it made me surprised. Because, Afghans are very talented especially in theatre, in the show of Gola that is a foreign one. But our artists shun well.
Ms. Alam said that my message to those artists work in the fields of film and theatre is  that they should use their talents with complete interest, specially ladies who want to be a cinematographer should stand firmly before problems, read book, inspect TV, attend in workshops so as to appear as a good artist. 
 Karima Malikzada