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New computer initiative for book readers

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New computer initiative for book readers

In order to provide ease for those interested in book reading, new computerized system set in the 11th Kabul district helps find one’s favorite book within one minute, an official said the other day.
Chief of the 11th district (Khairkhana area), Mohammad Masum Siddiqi told The Kabul Times that in cooperation with the public library, his office could design a computerized system, based on, those interested in book reading would find his favorite book in one minute.
According to him, the public library, with 82 agencies in the capital (12 sub-offices) and provinces of the country, is operational and activated for the people interested in book reading.
The library, he said included different books, such as cultural, political, historic, social and English arranged in fairly designed shelves.
He said some 400 books had completely been outworn and after being rebind, they were put in a fair range, with those interested people could easily get access.
Over 274 books had been sent to the 11th district library, he said adding right now it consisted over 6,000 different-social, economic, religious, world history, literature, history of Afghanistan as well as linguistic books including Dari, Pashtu, English Uzbek, German and French books are available at the library.
Poets’ biography books are also accessed by the students and teachers from the library’s provided vitrines.
Each, Siddiqi, went on as saying that between 20 and 25 people refer to the library totally 1590 people each year, during spring, but during winter the number get reduced.
Seddiqi said all the arrangements and settings of the library’s books had been sponsored by his own money. He asked the domestic and foreign donors to help him, further develop the library and the governmental and nongovernmental entities to send their booklets, brochures and other papers to his library to remove the interested people’s requirements.
Lauding the initiative made by the 11th district’s library chief, [Mr. Siddiqi], Marzia, a Kabul university graduate (of Journalism Faculty) who had come to the library to find her favorite source to write her monograph told The Kabul Times, she had gone to several libraries and searched for her favorite source, but failed to find due to complexity of the books.
“I could easily find my favorite book in one minute,” she said.
She asked other libraries to use the inivitiatve made by the 11th district’s library chief.
 Majid another Kabul citizen, who said was extremely interested in book reading told The Kabul Times that he could find his favorite book easily, within one minute in this library, with new decor and arrangement—an ease he said was not accessed in other libraries he sought in other parts of the city.
But, he remind a defection in the library, with the chief failing to do this by his own—nonexistence of curtains around the fully glass-made vitrines of the library that he said creates headaches for the readers and outwear the books during summers. He asked the organs concerned to step in better arrangement of the library in the capital, however with low book reading culture. Karima Malikzada