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Enrichment of Spanish Department requires urgent attention

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Enrichment of Spanish Department requires urgent attention

 The Faculty of Languages and Literatures of Kabul University trains students in the fields of Dari, Pashto, English, Russian, Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish languages. But the Spanish Department is facing certain problems such as lack of a building and so far no donor specially the Spanish embassy in Kabul has supported or assisted it.

In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Head of Spanish Department Mohammad Kabir Nezami, talking on current challenges and problems said the Spanish Department was established in 1979 with the support of Cuba and specially University of Havana.
 In the beginning the Cubans provided good help and resources but gradually parallel to deterioration of situation, the activities of this department were decreased. Lack of security caused the students to be reluctant to admit into this department despite of their sincere enthusiasm for learning of Spanish language.
Nezami added, fortunately when in 2001 the Nato led ISAF troops were deployed in Kabul, this department resumed its activities and the Spanish troops contributed it including computers, teaching materials, textbooks etc. but ever since the withdrawal of Spanish troops, no one has assisted this department.
He went on to say, following the withdrawal of Spanish troops, the leading body and lecturers of the department made indefatigable efforts to continue their services despite of restricted resources to train the young generation without any donor or funder.
Talking on their contacts with the  authorities of Spanish embassy in Kabul on their existing challenges and problems, Nezami said we had several contacts and visits will the authorities of Spanish embassy in Kabul but unfortunately they paid no attention to our suggestions while the Russian, Chinese, English, French, Turkish departments of the Faculty of languages and Literature have always been supported by the relevant embassies of these countries in Kabul and they made great efforts for enrichment of these departments.
 Nezami said over 25 countries are speaking Spanish in the world and it’s the second universal language. 
Despite of our serious efforts no Spanish speaking country has assisted us. Our students have not visited any of these native Spanish speaking countries and received no scholarship to study and acquaint, acquaint with Spanish culture and  improve and literature and enrich their linguistic capabilities and capacity.
Considering lack of a proper building for the Spanish department, lack of Lap Top and Desk Top computers, lack of teaching materials and shortage of teaching resources as the main challenges of this department, Nezami said our young lecturers try to provide textbooks and teaching materials through internet sites for their students but its not sufficient and our students are not satisfied and want much to saturate their thirst for this global languages.
He added our young teachers lack essential experience in this field because they have graduated from this department and we have recruited and employed the best and top quality graduates as lecturers. They are in dire need of academic knowledge and experience and want to attend methodic courses and be trained by skilled philologists in one of the native Spanish speaking countries while unfortunately it has been a dream so far.
Talking on the total number of Spanish department students, Mr. Nezami said currently just over 100 students are involved in this department who are taught by five young lecturers in three classrooms which is never sufficient.
Nezami asked the Afghan diplomats in native Spanish speaking countries to contribute and support this department by all possible means, because as was mentioned earlier, Spanish is the second important universal language used by global reputable organisations  like the UN.
A number of lecturers of this department while complaining on current problems and challenges said, we expect the Afghan government to invite serious attention to settle these problems through contacts with native Spanish speaking countries.
One of the young lecturers while has great enthusiasm to this language but was reluctant to be identified, during a conversation with The Kabul Times  said urgent attention is needed to be focused on this department. We request Foundation de Cometa  which is a globally recognized organization in Spanish language to assist us with contribution of teaching materials. We also kindly request the Indian Instituto de Cervantes to establish affiliation and academic coordination with Spanish Department of Faculty of Language and Literature of Kabul University and provide scholarships to our young lecturers and train and educate them at masters and PhD levels, to become professional Spanish Philologists.
 He added while the Russian, Chinese, French, English departments and others are  permanently supported by relevant embassies and donors as the Chinese embassy has recently constructed a separate building for Chinese department and equipped it with essential equipments but unfortunately  no foundation has heeded to Spanish department.
A number of students of Spanish department also in their interviews with The Kabul Times reporter complained on lack of resources like lack of textbooks, teaching materials, laboratory and building said that this department has been ignored.
   Ali Aqa a student of 4th year of Spanish department said it is my last year and soon I will be graduated. In the last four years I have seen no Spanish to visit us and our department and ask us about our potential problems and needs. 
The Spanish authorities have totally severed relations with us. I expect all organizations who are working for development of Spanish language to invite attention to our pitiful conditions. He added we are expected to be graduated soon but we have a serious concern that there is no body to employe us. I hope the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will notice this request. Sohaila Sotoodah a female student of this department expressing regret on lack of attention to Spanish Department said I like my department very much but unfortunately due to lack of cultural ties between our country and Spanish speaking countries I am disappointed. Linguists play active role in the direction of friendship between nations and governments, I expect the relevant authorities and bodies to listen to our appeal. 
Established in 1979, the Spanish department was capable despite of limited or slight resources to train, graduate and present large number of youth to society.
 Suraya Raiszada