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Afghan special commando forces unique in the region: MoD Deputy Spokesman

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Afghan special commando forces unique in the region: MoD Deputy Spokesman

Following the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, the ANSF assured the people that they are prepared to undertake full security responsibility throughout the country. In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on the preparedness of ANA for ensuring nationwide security, assessment of current situation in the wake of Nato withdrawal, the number of ANA, their achievements of independent operation for elimination of insurgents, challenges and problems ahead of ANA, MoD deputy spokesman BG Dowlat Waziri said: As you may know, the process of transferring of security responsibilities was started in 2012 and was advancing step by step and in 2012, 2013,2014 we learnt essential skills and experiences one after another and this process took totally five stages and the last one was completed in late 2014 during which full security responsibility were officially handed over to ANSF. It means that fortunately the ANA has the essential capability to ensure security alone for the people.

Talking on the launching and leading of ANA special operations’, BG Waziri said, special operations’ are organized, planned and carried out one hundred percent  by ANA as in 2014 they performed all these activities independently.
In the last thirteen years, over 140000 Nato, ISAF troops were present in Afghanistan and in 2014 all of them left Afghanistan and at present all security responsibilities have been handed over to ANSF.
While BG Waziri is optimist on ANSF capabilities particularly the ANA, said there is no problem in ANA and they are successfully prepared to ensure security of their land.
Acknowledging shortage of equipment for Afghan Air Forces(AAF) BG Waziri said we have limited possibilities in AAF specially in the engineering section. He expessed hope that under the Nato  new mission in Afghanistan, this problem will be tackled.
Talking on the number of ANA he said, currently there are 195000 ANA forces who are deployed in 34 provinces throughout the country manly in Kabul, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, Paktya and Helmand. Each army corps include several brigades. They organize independent operations’ in insecure area with full preparation against insurgents.  Afghanistan is our homeland and we are prepared to provide security for our home.
Calling the Commando Forces of ANA as one of the most successful and effective forces for elimination of insurgents, Waziri said, we have fortunately a powerful and strong commando forces in Afghanistan which their number exceeds to over ten thousand people trained with modern weapons and prepare to carry out operations’ under any circumstances day, night regardless of climate condition and terrain structure in short time and less cost they eliminate insurgents.
Touching the special training of ANA commando forces, Waziri said, these forces have been trained substantially and particularly and their personnel are physically and mentally healthy and strong and qualified. Our commando forces are unique in the region.
Talking on the challenges and current problems of ANA, Waziri said since the technology develops every day thus weapons technology also changes and develop with passing of time, we have sufficient weapons and ammunition for our ground forces, they equiped with modern American weapons, but it is not sufficient to ANA.
Although a lot of works have been done for air forces and currently we have three air are Brigades in Kabul, Kandahar and Herat(Shindand airbase) as well as an air school and an air university in Kabul.
 But we lack air defense artillery, Radars, attacking air forces, jet fighters and ground artillery. Work is going on and we hope to activate them quickly.
The ANA has made a lot of progress in engineering fields as currently we have over 260 EOD teams in ANA. Since most parts of Afghanistan are minefields so we are in urgent and dire need of engineering teams. Currently we have an Engineering Department and an Engineering Brigade. The ANA engineering teams managed to discover 90% minefields which is a great success to ANA. Without EOD teams, ANA will be paralyzed. We are not satisfied with current achievement in ANA, we will be making efforts to improve it further to meet our security requirements.
Talking on the Nato new mission, Waziri said the world community has promised to continue ANSF support following 2014 and we also expect the global community to offer sustainable support to ANSF and they have pledged to contribute $5.1b annually for ANSF expenditures. Suraya Raiszada