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1394 budget strengthens national economy

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1394 budget strengthens national economy

 In Dalw 8th of current solar year, the budget of fiscal year 1394 is approved by the house of people.

The Kabul Times reporter writes that the budget of fiscal year is a comprehensive and economic one that as a total is Afs, 434 billion. From among it, its ordinary budget is Afs. 282 billion and remaining Afs, 152 billion is development one.
Afs, 125 billion of the budget would be funded by national unity government of Afghanistan that is determined according to the goals and incomes of  government and the remaining would be funded by contribution of international community.
The Kabul Times reporter adds that budget deficit that considered by ministry of finance of Afghanistan estimated about $138 billion that should be managed well.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the spokesman of Ministry of Finance, Abdul Qader Jailani said that the budget of 1394 is a comprehensive and national one.
This budget was offered to the House of People for approval that finally after comprehensive debates, the same was approved by it in Dalw 8th of current solar year.
In a query to a question, jailani said that the security sector is important and 44 percent  of budget is determined for it.
For education sector 13 percent, for agriculture sector 10 percent, for health sector, 4 percent and for infrastructural sectors and natural resources 26 percent is allotted.
In connection with some misunderstandings by some media as well as lack of resources for funding the budget, he said that yes, we have financial problems, but it is not means that the financial resources are zero. Some misunderstandings would be created in the connection. Our resources are limited and in such a state, we did to offer a comprehensive budget to the nation.
Comparing the present budget with the years of 90, Jailani has asserted that if we compare the budget of 1394 with the years of 90, our budget in 1390 was $2.5 billion. In 1391, $3 billion, in 1392 $5 billion, in 1393 $6 billion.
But in 1394, our national budget has been reached to $7.6 billion that is equivalent to Afs. 434 billion.
He continued that if we compare the budgets, it shows a growth in national economy and our requirements are also increased.
Jailani stated that balance has been considered in budget of 1394 fiscal year but considering geographic point of view, the balance has been differed from each province. 
But non of the provinces are better or worse comparing other, as the slogan of national unity government says that any Afghan is no better comparing other Afghan.
He assured for continuation of contribution of international community to Afghanistan.
This budget is approved by the house in a time that previously, it was rejected by the latter.
Despite the expenditures of the office of Chief Executive and presidential office and its economic consulate is considered, but the house of people suspended their budget till ratification of their organizations.   
It is mentionable that some changes have been occurred in ordinary and development budgets by the house and the ordinary budget has no deficit. But the same is seen in development one.
It also should be said that on the basis of former president, Hamid Karzai order, the privileges considered for members of council of ministers and presidential advisors within upcoming five years, is rejected by two-third of members of parliament and the allotted money draw-out from budget. Shukria Kohistani