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Afghan Protein Factory produces nine million eggs within five years

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Afghan Protein Factory produces nine million eggs within five years

  The Afghan protein company was established and started activities in Herat in 1393 with an initial capital of Afs 145 million an area of 84000 square meters. It was constructed in two storied building which contains chicken eggs, fertilizers warehouse, chicken food and a store with a capacity of 1500 tones grains. This is the first and biggest industrial farm of chicken in Afghanistan.

In a conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, the director of Afghan protein company Sayed Habib Rasooli, said, “Our project was completed one month before and was put to utilization. In the outset we produced 2000 eggs per day but in 15 days, our products increased to 100000 eggs per day. The factory capacity is 130000 eggs and in 20 days if God willing, it will be promoted to 150000 eggs.

Rasooli, added, “We import younger 60 days old chicken from Netherlands and bring up them 135 days. They start laying eggs at 14 months old. The chicken must not be over two kilograms”.

He went on to say that 46 people are officially employed and working in our project, their salary starts from Afs 10000 to Afs 25000 per month. We prepare hygienic food to chickens. We have allocated a part of the farm for producing of grains to chickens. Every month we purchase and supply 500 tons maize, one hundred tones wheat and barley from Helmand province and import 30 percent Soyabean and oil cake from abroad. We keep chicken in two separate saloons A and B. First we bring up chicken in B saloon and then relocate them to A saloon. There is diffirence between the yellow part of eggs of A and B. because when we use local maize which makes yellow stronger.

He said, “Although US and Brazilian maize is known as the best maize in the world but if maize produced in Helmand province is processed and dried, its quality is higher 6 percent than foreign maize. He explained, “We have imported machineries and all chicken keeping equipments from Turkey. The chicken food grains are process and supplied by machines which this method decreases pollution. Food grains are not touched by hand while water is also given by machine. But the eggs are collected by hands. We have a separate packing system.

The eggs are checked and processed and then send to print system on which the name of the company and date of production is automatically printed. We sell one egg Afs 6. He said, “Poultry is easy but due to environment it is difficult. The poultry farm should be established at least 15km from residential areas. At present we supply our eggs to Herat city. On the occasion of famer’s festival, we displayed our products in Badam Bagh exhibition. We had too many visitors. We plan to open a branch in Kabul city soon. If the Ministry of Agriculture support us, in eight months we will be able to supply 100000 egg to Kabul. We plan to double our investment and production capacity in one or two years and in five years we will produce eight to nine million eggs per day”.

 He said, “Our only problem is lack of regular electricity in Herat which disturbs our production”.