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Kabul education moves with progress, but much more needs to be done

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Kabul education moves with progress, but much more needs to be done

 Al-Fatha girls high school has enrolled 3845 students, said in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the principal of Al-Fatha high school Zareen Karamkhail, added that students attend classes in two shifts of morning and afternoon. Each teaching hour takes 45 minutes and classes start at 07:00am and each shift consist of six hours.

Talking on the number of current year’s newly enrolled students and any possible changes than last year, Ms Karamkhail said, “Last year we had only nine classes of 45 students each but in current year so far 400 students have enrolled and the process is going on until late April which shows an increase than previous year.
Talking on available facilities to students, Ms Karamkhail said, “As you see all the school compound has been decorated with teaching materials. Three sport fields have been constructed with different categories. One for the students of 9-12 classes, the next one for students of 4-8 classes and the last one for students of Kindergarten have been allocated. All the corridors have also been decorated with teaching materials according to the level of students. Beside the teaching facilities, equipped laboratories of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology as well as methodic room, lap top computers, conference hall, work place and living place kindergarten and a cultural center have also been prepared. We managed to establish a room for geography and history which is decorated with the photos of the then rulers.
It is also decorated with map of the world. The students will learn that which ruler was ruling the country for how long and what did he do during his government.
Talking on whether the students have ever taken part in competition with the students of other high schools of Kabul city and what was the result, Ms Karamkhail said, “In the last four years Al-Fatha high school has been deputy champion in the field of Basketball and beside that our students have achievements in other fields which include championship medals and cups. Currently we have 144 educated, experienced, skilled teacher, who teach our students and do their bests to present high quality students to society.
She went on to say, “The Afghan government plans to allocate and distribute plots of land for shelterless teachers and fortunately the teachers of Al-Fatha high school are also included this plan and a project has been considered for our teachers.
Although the government authorities have time and again talked on increase of teachers payments but so far no practical step has been taken in this direction. Ms. Karamkhail said, “The MoF is responsible to allocate budget the MoE and take steps for improvement of teachers payments. We should request the president to increase our payments and control prices of essentials in bazaars, so the government employees and teachers would manage to lead normal life.
Talking on the assistance of donors, she said, “Beside the MoE, so far the World Bank and the Afghan Women Foundation have contributed us for our capacity building, equipping of our laboratories.
In most schools of Kabul, the leadership of school organize excourses for their students, whether you have organized similar programs to your students or not? She said, “Due to security reasons our students have not benefited excourses yet but inside the school all essential resources have been prepared for their researches with the cooperation of our teachers.
A number of teachers while expressing optimism on available facilities, call lack of enough classrooms and low payments as their major challenges.
Ms. Malalai Sohaily head of Biology department said, “Since 25 years I have been teaching in this high school and teach students of 9-12 classes enthusiastically. One of the main problems is lack of classrooms. Because 45 students cannot be accommodated in a small classroom. If the number of our classrooms increase, it would be better. I request the president to increase our payment.
Talking on the available facilities, Maryam one of the students said, “Fortunately the school leadership has made serious steps for capacity building of the school. Our teachers are doing their best to improve teaching quality to encourage the students to study hard. Suraya Raiszada