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Cartoon, caricature mirrors of a society

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Cartoon, caricature mirrors of a society

 Art of cartoon and caricature play positive role in the society and can deeply effect on soul and spirit of people in different dimensions.

Cartoon and caricature can picture the people’s problems in the society so they are solved or attention be paid in the respect by concerned bodies.
A cartoonist work aim is not only to make the people laugh but indicates a deep message to its addresses.
The best cartoon and caricature are those which are without any comments or explanations. 
In an interview with a successful cartoonist of the country, Sayed Hassan Samedi, a few questions have been exchanged which are as follows:
Q: Would you give information about cartoon and caricature art?
Ans: There are many definitions made in the respect, as in encyclopedia defines the art of cartoon and caricature a way to ridicule a person and notice him on his deficiencies.     
In other words, cartoon drawing is a topmost artistic phenomenon enjoys general aspects and the drawers with their skill trying to picture the most important issues of their society through it. 
 Q: How many parts does a cartoon have?
Ans: As we know, cartoon has two parts, picture and content.
To transfer the meaning of the cartoon to people, these points must be considered by the cartoonist.
Q: How the cartoonists can find a subject to draw a cartoon?
Ans: a cartoonist should have good language knowledge of symbols and signs in order to draw a good cartoon to reflect the shortages and mistakes of people and organs.
Q: What is the message of a cartoon to people and society?
Ans: Cartoon and caricature can reflect the problems in a society where misfortunes and challenges ruling and notify the concerned entities on their deficiencies. As last question, how many times have you participated in the best cartoon competitions and what achievements have you obtained from your artistic works?
I have several times participated in events on 28th Asad “Independence Day of the country” which are held by the ministry of information and culture, cultural deputy, culture and literature directorate and have gotten the first position prizes.
In another event which was held by UNAMA on the occasion of International Peace Day, I have received an appreciation letter along with an admirable sheet.
On the occasion of World Pen Day which was held by Khurshid TV, I won the golden pen prize, and in another big cartoon exhibition which was held by Goethe Institute in Kabul I have also won many achievements. 
My message to all new novices of this art is to pave the way to grow the arts and talents, so to be in same level with world cartoonists and caricaturists. I hope our wishes come true so the ground be paved for growing talents in the respect, as we have recently witnessed holding an effective exhibition which was held by Institute of Key Publishing Group, on 25 Hamal this year in Bagh-i-Babur Hall. 
In the exhibition, a young cartoonist of the country, Abdul Rahman Habibi was exhibited more than 170 of his art works which were including cartoons and caricatures, reflecting the society’s realities and deficiencies of the government during the last thirteen years whom was persuaded by the participants and culturists of the country. 
Massouda Qarizada