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New pension system provides ease for retired officials

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New pension system provides ease for retired officials

A new pension system has recently established that would create many facilities for retired employees. Based on the changes in the new system of payments of the retired, they will manage to collect their stipends under a simple process while before these poor retired employees had a lot of problems.
In an interview with The Kabul Times, the chief of accounts and payments of pension department Gul Mohammad Montazer said, “In the past, all privileges of retired employees were processed by pen but now a special card has been prepared and distributed to retried people according to a presidential degree 45 and a system has been set up.
Montazer added, “The pension department has certain problems on formation of the new system. Because a number of people were employed by the World Bank and their salaries were in US dollar who carried out all activities of this department and even they didn’t allow us to interfere. These people didn’t want to perform their jobs quickly.
Due to this problem we failed to insert the relevant affairs of retired in to the system. But fortunately due to change of leading body of the ministry of Labor and social affairs, “The new system has been set up in such a way that no page can be opened out of turns and employees of every ministry would collect their pension regularly in their turn. All relevant work will be carried out based on turn.
We try to set up a new separate system under which a number of pensioners who are sick, handicapped or have urgent need, will collect their pension in emergency from.
We are trying to complete this system as quick as possible. Any pensioner can transfer his/her card to his provinces and collect his/her pension on due time.
Beside Maiwand Bank, we have also signed a contract with the Bakhter Bank through the MoF and the pensioners of the capital and provinces can easily collect their pension through Bakhter Bank branches throughout Afghanistan.
Talking on those who are reformed, Montazer said, “A number of military officers were reformed and were ranked through civilian and a co-efficient of ¼ was set up to them which was in their disadvantage.
 But due to efforts of the MoLSA, this article was amended and that co-efficient disappeared and they now collect their salaries according to their service period and last salary.
 I want the honorable pensioners to be patient that even we will provide them more facilities. We will announce a timetable through TV and Radio.
Talking on their organization and personal, Montazer said, “In the past we had 120 employees and over 170.000 pensioners while now our employees decreased to 70 including service personnel, drivers and administrative employees. We are in dire need of professional accountants to carry out accountancies of over 170.000 pensioners.
This was one of our challenges. But this problem was solved 80percent. Our employees were trained and Afs 4 billion has been allocated for pensioners. Our empoyees are regularly working even Thursdays and Fridays to facilitate pensioners”.
Ibrahim Paiman an employee of the department of military accountance of the pension department said, “Civil and military employees are retired according to service duration, age, patience, death or downsizing.
 Our office is involved in alive military pensioners. Until last year, the pension was performed by pen which had created a kind of disorder. But the new system prevents corruption and brings many advantages.
Paiman added, “The pen system was in the interest of pensioners and the relevant work of a pensioner was completed in three days and they benefitted and collected their pension from the certain bank branch. But the new system is time consuming but it provides facilities for pensioners forever. We register about over 300 pensioners every day and try to distribute bank card for them as soon as possible.
Haji Mohammad Akram who is a pensioner after over 37 years service, said “All works are carried out here based on turn and order.
We were registered to receive bank card. If the routine works are going a head in this way, it is a good and positive step that would enable the pensioners to collect their pension from bank without any problem and on due time in one hand and the provincial pensioners can collect their pensions from their own home province that prevents crowd and uncertainty”.
Najeeba 55 who was retired after 34 years’ service said, “I come here but the officials of pension department told me that I wasn’t included in the system and I should refer in 10 days.
 I returned after 10 days but have not been registered. I am very sick. She asked the concerned officials to set aside the problems and help the pensioners to benefit their legal rights.
The new system not only reduces the pensioners’ problems but also paves the way for transparent and corruption free performance. Karima Malikzada