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Exclusive: Humanitarian aids began for Kunduz IDPs, WFP spokesperson says

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Exclusive: Humanitarian aids began for Kunduz IDPs, WFP spokesperson says

 Wahid Amani, spokesperson for World Food Program (WFP) in an exclusive interview told The Kabul Times reporter that the distribution of humanitarian aids has been started in coordination with Afghan government, UN organizations and NGOs for displaced people of Kunduz who recently been to neighboring cities as a result of war in their province.

Amani said, that the survey is going on and WFP provides its humanitarian assistance for Faizabad city of Badakhshan, Takhar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Baghlan and other places where the Kunduz IDPs are sheltered.
“Currently, we have distributed the food items for more than 160 families in Mazar-e-Sharif, that include foodstuffs for one month, beside that camps were also established where about 2000 individuals have been registered, and daily meals are provided for them as well as bakeries were placed in the area, where they are baking breads from fortified flours with full of minerals and vitamins and distribute to them with the cooperation of Afghanistan’s Natural Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA).
Amani further added, that one-month foodstuffs, including flour, wheat, pea and biscuits were already dispatched to 950 Kunduzi families who have sheltered in Taloqan city of Takhar province and would be distributed soon among them.
The WFP officials asked to comment on their assistance to other provinces, and he said” up to now 400 families have been surveyed in Badakshan province and we have plenty of foodstuffs in disposal which were distributed for IDPs of Kunduz in the North also it should be said that the assistance would be distributed to the people with the full coordination with Afghan government, UN organizations and NGOs.” 
Amani stated that the exact number of displaced people in Kunduz is not yet clear, but our surveys are going on with the other agencies and WFP is ready to distribute foodstuffs for 12,000 families as humanitarian aids.
Regarding the condition of remained families in Kunduz province, he said: “at present, war is going on in Kunduz province and transportation roads are not secure enough, and we are really concern over their conditions because there is no way to reach them, in case if the situation improved and give us the permission, we would be ready to deliver our assistance for them too.”
Regarding Kunduz displaced people who have come to Kabul, said that our survey is going on but the problems is that they are scattered in different areas though we are making efforts that the survey teams to find the exact figures of IDPs in Kabul.
While describing the condition of IDPs worse in some provinces he said, that without doubt the displaced people do not have good situation, because they have lost everything in war, therefore, they need assistance, potable water, clothes, food and other necessary items, so, WFP with the coordination of other government organizations and UN making efforts to address their problems soon.
Amani also regarding collecting of assistances from other donors for Kunduz IDPs added that their main problems is lack of sufficient funding and 12,000 IDPs are facing with lack of budget which the figure is not meeting the budget.  “Therefore, we call on all our donors to provide us necessary budget as soon as possible because we have winter ahead and in winter season the transportation routes are blocked and they need for urgent assistance. It is also mentionable that for implementing of this program we require for $30 million.” Amani added. 
World Food Program (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization that fighting against starvation. This organization since 1963 working in Afghanistan to help Afghans and their country in building a future free of starvation and also annually assisting nearly 80 million people in 75 countries of the world.
 Suraya Raiszada