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Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital due to compete world health centers, officials

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Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital due to compete world health centers, officials

Equipped with orthopedic facilities, the Wazir Akbar Khan state-run hospital has enough possibilities to provide health services for more than 80 percent of the patients referring from the center and provinces of the country.
Acting Chief of the hospital, Dr. Sayed Elham told The Kabul Times that, his lead hospital was expected to compete the world healthcare centers due to the most professional physicians employed recently.
“There is no healthcare center equipped with so modern facilities in other healthcare centers of the country, with most of the patients needing orthopedic therapy refer from the 34 provinces to the Wazir Akbar Khan hospital, where up to 210 beds are available for both men and women,” said Elham, who added the center sometimes gets overflow of the patients, forcing the officials to lodge the additional in some parts of the corridors.
According to him, the hospital needed enough budgets of up to 22 million Afghanis, while the government has endorsed only five million. “No donor is still cooperating with the hospital, while in the past, IRC and some other donor entities were providing sufficient medications even paying the officials salaries,” said the acting chief hoping to have enough budget and medication items as he was worried about the challenges, he said would face in the upcoming year.
Lodging some other health related organs, including at least ten departments from the ministry of public health, setting a department for the Kochis, could cause crowd, disorder and pollution inside the hospital’s compound, the official complained.
“I promised to the hospital officials and workers to spend most of my salaries for the development of this health center and the patients and I did so. I spend up to $900 from my own salaries, with right now the painting process of the hospital is underway and I, if god willing would use my own salaries for the hospital’s some emergency needs including completion of the medications” he said.
The hospital is run with totally 410 officials, including physicians, nurses, admins officers and other related personnel, working on a single shift, said Elham who said all sections of the hospital was equipped with emergency cases and the related doctors were fully ready to cover those suffered injuries from explosions, such as suicide attacks, mine blasts or other criminal events.
Sayed Farzad Miri, one of the orthopedists of the hospital said patients, with bone fractures (Hip joint Arhroplasty) or suffering from other criminal events could also be covered by the hospital, providing them with the most modern treatment.
“Some 20 patients needed to be provided with ‘Joint Change’ in the hospital,” he said hoping the operation on them could get operational as soon as possible.
Miri said if the Wazir Akbar Khan hospital could have the facilities and equipment available in other countries, they could do more for the patients’ recovery, as he said any doctors were lucky to see his under treatment patient recovered.
Sharifa, one of the hospitalized woman, who said she got fracture in her leg, was fully optimism over the services and added due to economic problem, she referred to the Wazir Akbar Khan hospital for treatment, as in the private hospitals, it would take high cost to be taken under therapy.Gul Arus, another patient, with bone fracture, who has come from the remote Badghis province, told The Kabul Times that she has fallen of the horse and is embedded in the hospital since the last more than 20 days. Looking satisfied with the services of the hospital, she hoped to soon be taken under surgical operation to may get recovery and return home.Established in 1977, the Wazir Akbar Khan hospital, besides facing lack of facilities, can cover most of the patients from the center and the country’s provinces
         Karima Malikzada