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Private entrepreneurs seek government’s supports

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Private entrepreneurs seek government’s supports

Hafizullah, in charge of the Afghan Protein Company in an exclusive interview told The Kabul Times that small and middle entrepreneurs forms the basic kernel of the economic development of a country and for facilitating the ground of progress and development for this sector needs a platform, “so we urge the government to support us in regard.”
Afghan Protein Corporation, starts its activity since one year in Herat province with the total investment of USD 3 million, that on daily basis produce 100,000 high quality eggs where about 70 persons are busy in this farm as well as the company at present is in close competition with Iran, Pakistan and India’s products.
In charge of the Afghan Protein Co. stated that in the future this company has plan to increase its production from 100,000 to 200,000 eggs on daily basis and this is the first and biggest industrial farm which about 80 percent of its materials such as husk wheat and Soya are domestic and other 20 percents are imported from outside the country.
“The company has also considered to establish its branches in major cities of Afghanistan such as Kabul, Jalalabad and Mazar-e-Sharif”, the company official said.
The company is intending to produce half million eggs on daily basis in the near future.
Hafizullah went on to say that in some rural areas of Herat province the company is producing 400 thousand eggs. “Unfortunately we do not have a systematic government so as to monitor and support the farm owners”, he said.
The Afghan protein company in Herat collecting homemade eggs from a number of villages and after packing and cleaning in the machine will supply them to market with high quality.
Hafizullah urged government and especially the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the custom department to prevent imports of low quality eggs from outside the countries.
Based on examinations that accomplished in India, Pakistan and Iran the Afghan Protein eggs enjoyed from high quality among them.
According to Hafizullah, in Kabul weekly 2,000 cartons of eggs are distributing to the markets that every cartons has 180 eggs. “Also we have good market and more customers. At present we supply and sell 100,000 cartons of eggs on daily basis”
“Unfortunately, yet no institution had cooperated with us and only talks had took place which had no practical aspects”, he stated.
“Lack of security is the main challenge for entrepreneurs, therefore we urge government organs to provide security for us and our factories, till we could tranquilly continue our activity inside the country”, Hafizullah added.
Shukria Kohistani