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Winter plan aims at saving lives, says Deputy NDMA

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Winter plan aims at saving lives, says Deputy NDMA

 Afghanistan is a vulnerable country, especially during winter due to natural disasters.

 But considering the measures taken by NDMA as main coordinator in close cooperation with other national and international organizations, the winter problems will be minimized.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, deputy head of National Disasters Management Authority (NDMA), Mohammad Aslam Seyas said, ‘Afghanistan is a mountainous country with harsh winter and possible avalanches as well as heavy snowfalls which lead to closing of roads in some provinces. So, the NDMA has prepared a plan of counter disaster in close cooperation of donors and related Afghan departments.”
According to Seyas In the plan the responsibility of each partner has been splinted.
According to plan, he added, the MoPW is responsible to keep roads open and sweep the roads snow regularly.The MoRRD is responsible to take care of roads that connect provinces to districts and villages with the cooperation of Local Development Councils.
Seyas went on to say, during winters and closure of roads, rural inhabitants face lack of access to medical centers, so the MoPH is responsible to keep medical clinics open and supply them for six months with essential medicine and equipment to prevent problems.
“The Ministry of Transport is responsible with national civil aviation departments to clean all airports and keep them open for the all airlines operational. In case we fail to send emergency supplies by land, we should be able to use air facilities”, Seyas said, adding that the MoD has also pledged to prepare 50-60 free of charge flights for sending of supplies.
According to Seyas, last year, over Afs 700 million aids were sent to deserving areas during winter. The NDMA has constructed supporting walls on the bank of some rivers and along roads in some provinces to prevent avalanches or overflowing of water and floods. 
“Thirteen emergency houses have been built in Salangs for passengers that could be used in winter. 
These houses are equipped with heating facilities, fuels, firewood and foodstuffs”, Seyas added, saying that the MoALB, WFP, UNICEF are also the permanent partners and donors.  Raiszada