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Football Stadium to be constructed in Afghanistan, official

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Football Stadium to be constructed in Afghanistan, official

 Afghanistan would enjoy a big new football stadium, after the country won landmark victory and championship in the south Asian match, an official said the other day.

Former Head Couch of Afghanistan National Football Team (ANFT), Mohammad Yousuf Kargar told The Kabul Times that the main aim of his U.S. tour was to ask the hosting country and other donors for assistance to help build a wide international standard football stadium (Victory Stadium) in Kabul.
According to him, the possibly built stadium would accommodate over 30,000 viewers, with the copy of which had been formatted in the Dubai and Saudi Arabia, said Kargar, who added the victory of the country’s national football team in the Sought Asia match had promoted them to resort to the construction of a similar wide stadium in the country.
A survey would be launched by a special joint team of domestic and foreign after the U.S. representative’s visit to Afghanistan in two next months, according to the Kargar.
He said the stadium would take up to 100 acres of land to be built in an area not still clear in the capital Kabul or adjacent to the neighboring Parwan province, where the official expressed pleasure over what he believed the most splendorous one to have different complexes including health clinic, football academy and sport townships, around which a big U.S. agency would invest for providing further contribution to the sport fans and other people residing nearby.
The main fund for the great project was not still set aside to build the stadium, but many donors including the U.S. based Afghans, Mohammad Ali Clay, world’s known boxer and an HKS Company which build stadiums in European, Spanish and Arabic countries, would contribute to the project of the Victory Stadium in the country, according to Kargar.
About the current stadium, Kargar went on as saying, this was not built based on the international standard, as it had could only house less than 22,000 spectators, while after placing seats, the figure lessened to only 18,000 ones, a stadium not appropriated for hosting international match.
About his future plan, he described would improve courses for training coaches as he said in the last one year up to 500 trainers received licensees from 100 training courses in the country.
“Fortunately, Afghanistan has wide areas, proper to be built and used as sport-stadium, but no proper stadium had been still built, not only in the capital, but also in the provinces,” Kargar added reminding Bamyan as one of the best provinces with wide number of sport fans, but no stadium it had inside, even the central province’s players attend the international matches.
A Kabul citizen, Nasir Sekandari expressed optimism over what he welcome as a wise plan to build such a stadium (Victory Stadium) inside the country, as he wanted the Iran-type sport stadium mighty had been constructed in Kabul to have closely watch the match of his country’s players.“In Iran, when the football match was held, I wished I could attend as spectator, like those of up to 70,000 Afghans, but unfortunately, I failed and moreover, we have not such a stadium inside our country,” said Sekandari.   Karima Malikzada