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Sports shining in Afghanistan, despite growing insecurity

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Sports shining in Afghanistan, despite growing insecurity

Afghanistan National Cricket Team (ANCT) on progress

 KABUL: The country’s national cricket team is going ahead, as it could get tenth positions in the ranking schedule after a crashing defeat versus Zimbabwe, a victory that millions of Afghans stormed to the streets to joyfully mark even through firing in the air in the capital Kabul.

Chief of Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), Nasimullah Danesh told The Kabul Times that his led team could shine well in the Zimbabwe five matches and one series, where the hosting country faced a crashing defeat from Afghanistan, placing it in the tenth rank of the World Cricket Council (WCC) from 12th, after another victorious appearance versus the same country in Dubai, where both teams entered the T20 series.
He said the team would vie some countries such as Indian cricket team-A, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, after which, the Word Cup—20 Overs would start.
According to Danesh, the team would go ahead successfully in both the World and the Asia Cups T20s in the country, if it could get training like that of the past. 
“The team would shine further than ever as it could gain achievements versus Zimbabwe and some other countries,” said the chief.
“Currently a 50 overs match is going on in eastern Jalalabad province, as well as in southern Zabul and Khost provinces, we on a process of constructing new playgrounds, while in eastern Laghman province, a cricket stadium with the international standards are under construction hoping the projects could get further escalation,” he added.
He hoped the country’s cricket fans’ problems could get tackled after the completion of the playgrounds in the said provinces. About the next plan for the cricketers, he said would provide full opportunities of training and physical practices in the provided comps in and out of the country, such as Dubai and Britain, Danesh added. Expressing pleasure over what he said a warm welcome of the Afghan citizens, he said the countrymen would see further achievements in the future, as he said his led team accompanied a real prayer of the honorable people. He asked both the people and the government for cooperating with the team further than ever to help the Afghanistan cricketers get further success in the ensuing matches and world cups. Waqar Ahmad Momand