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Public library to be digitalized if donors honor promises

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Public library to be digitalized if donors honor promises

 KABUL: The databases for the Public Library are expected to be digitalized if the donor entities practice their promises, an official said the other day.

Chief of the Public Library, Dawa Khan Minapal told The Kabul Times that his office was committed to digitalize the databases for the public library like those of the world countries, where the fans could access their interested books online.
He said though, it is too difficult to digitalize the library as soon as needed, but if the donors have their promises performed with the related office, quick and firm steps would be taken in the soon digitalization process of the library.
According to him, if succeeded, the database would provide a new comprehensive search for the users to find their interested books electronically.
He added that not only the libraries in the center, but all 82 libraries of the country, would be helped electronically used by the people.
Minapal noted that the databases of some private universities’ related libraries, such American University of Afghanistan (AUA), Kabul Central Library (KCL) and some others with the ICKU cooperated eases in a number of the country’s provinces, like Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif have so far been digitalized, with efforts underway to help the reaming enjoy the same method.
According to Minapal, his office is making effort to provide a sufficient digitalized database for the public library, with right now, for up to 10 million people, rather to suffice for those of only 2 million users in the past and help the book readers reach the optimal state and access the comprehensive range of searches facilities to retrieve their own interested books online from the library.
Complaining about the still under-use of the present Public Library’s building for being too old and very small and improper for the future use, he said the building should be renewed and expanded or should be replaced with another larger one to meet the problem of adequate number of customers.“A proposal in this respect, we have submitted to the UNESCO, hoping it to pay urgent heed in this respect,” said Minawal who added any country has its own national library and there was a need for the country to have a similar one.
According to him, the budget to be spent in construction of the corner-stone laid national library has not been still assisted by any certain donors. So the ministries of information, foreign affairs and rural rehabilitation are making efforts to find a highly fund provider donor to construct and complete the building, as the project needs huge layout to be completed, because the national library’s building should be wider than that of the public library, as the public library can also be established in any parts of the city even in the districts, while the national library is one, restricted in the capital.
He said he had met some writers and publishers to submit at least three copies of their printed books to the public library and so far over 2,000 books of political, economic, cultural, scientific, poem and literary subjects, have been lodged in the library with recently added up to 3,000 books, totally measuring over 62,000 books available.
“Construction of a new building for the public library, with sub-offices in the entire provinces of the country and establishment of a national library, both with digitalized databases are the next plan of my office,” said Minapal. 
A section of Islamic studies, with wide anti-terrorism teachings expected to be cooperated by the Kabul University’s professors, with Nasrullah Stanekzai in the lead, is also set to be created within the library.He counted lack of budget of only 2 million Afghanis, one of the main challenges faced by his led library, while adding no donor has provided fund in 2016 to expand the library.
          Karima Malikzada