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Kabul still with no mayor; challenges going on

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Kabul still with no mayor; challenges going on

 The Kabul citizens have complained about the still government failure to have the capital with a mayor, to rapidly go ahead with the related affairs.

One of the Kabul citizens, Mohammad Omar said official affairs of the Kabul Municipality go ahead very slow, taking days to have a related official tackle the referrers’ problems.
“I couldn’t still take the signature of a related official in my document, since days, while missing all my daily affairs to approach the Municipality offices for addressing my daily works,” he said.
He asked the government for soon appointing a mayor, as this is impossible to have the capital without mayor.
The city is polluted with rubbishes and garbage everywhere, and the Kabul city is led by an acting mayor, and moreover the internal affairs of the municipality is going ahead very slowly, said another Kabul resident of 11th district, Zakia who added that everywhere in the houses’ backdoors seen contaminated with garbage and shopping trashes.
“No one in the city has claim responsibility to do this (to collect the garbage) and transfer the garbage out of the city, while the officials concerned asked any house for paying 200 afghanis 4 times further than that of 50 afghanis in the past,” she said.
But, the publications affairs chief of the Kabul mayor, Abdul Qader Arezo in an interview with The Kabul Times confirmed what the citizens complained about, as saying naturally, lack of mayor causes such problems, but rejected the affairs possibly faced stalemates from the referrers.
Lack of authority of the acing in charge differs with that of the real one, like appointment and dismissal, but said three key posts, including issuing deeds office, were empty facing the referring citizens with challenges.
He said the Kabul municipality has no problem to take garbage out of the residential areas and throw them in a proper place and clean the city, as according to him, the municipality would soon launch a public appeal for collection of the garbage in cooperation with the precincts chieftains as well against 100 afghanis for the irresponsible individuals, would clean the city.
The complaints come after the Kabul mayor, Eng. Mohammad Younus Nawandish resigned, when the new leadership took power after the general elections more than one year ago.
The Kabul citizens asked the government of national unity to appoint a new honest individual as a mayor to meet the people problems.  Karima Malikzada