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Art developing in Afghanistan Qadir Ariayee moving forward

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Art developing in Afghanistan Qadir Ariayee moving forward

 An Afghan actor, director and cinematographer, Qader Ariayee said he was making efforts to develop his own made film of Lezzat-e-Shawq ‘Joy of Enthusiasm’ to serial which he believed would help the country’s cinema further develop.

He said he had worked as actor for different films in the country’s cinema, reaching to 35 small and long movies in the past, but is critically enthusiast of protracting his film of Joy of Enthusiasm [Lezzat-e-Shawq] to a serial with (currently) at least 15 episodes.
“The film, projected to be stretched as long as could be changed into serial, was the one, the display of which helped me win a prize in 2008,” said Ariayee who added that he appeared role-playing in the films of Sin, Escape, Destroyed [or Windswept], as well as amateur in films of Earth and Ash, Boy of Kabul, Kabul Express, Marjan (coral) had been displayed in the international festivals held in Kabul, in cooperation with an Iranian company.
According to him, he had also been involved as director and actor as well as scenario-writer for different films, prior to the chaos and mayhems engulfed the country, when the women rights obviously being violated and they were faced unpleasant conditions. 
In order to clearly reflect the outrage, I made the first film Helal-e-Eid Az Pas-e-Panjara and the second, Lezzat-e-Shawq, the scenarios of which have been written and provided by myself, said Ariaye who went on as saying both films had been put in show in the Kabul international festivals, winning prizes by two consecutive years.
The serial, expected to be soon completed would not continue with the same name (Lezzat-e-Shawq) but, would be changed into the new name of Sae Khawhar o Yak Baradar (Three Sisters and One Brother).
He said the ministry of women affairs have pledged to help him, continue expanding the serial, and according to him, if succeeded, would do his best to prolong it to 300 or 400 episodes, which he expected to be aired in the RTA (the national TV) or other interesting TVs.
The artist said, when wanted to go ahead completing the serial, he needed to complete some parts in some provinces of the country, like Mazar-e-Sharif, where the sceneries could be assessed with the films requirements.
He asked the government and private related organs, particularly the ministry of information and culture to provide enough cooperation with him, to go ahead with his art and successfully completing the serial.
Ariayee who said has started work as role-player since his childhood of only 13 years helping him, employed in the Ariana Film, under Eng. Latif’s direction, also asked for crucial support from the organs concerned to the cinematographers to develop the country’s arts and cinema.
He said has more than 25 scenarios ready for practice, six of them had been made films, but the remaining, “I expect to be made. And I want to be forever on the scenario.”
Some Kabul citizens also said they were interested in watching Afghan made films and serials.
Sulaiman, a Kabul citizen, asked the organs concerned for cooperation with the domestic film producing companies to help the country traditions beef up on one hand and on the other the country’s artists could develop their talent.
He asked both the government and the people for prevention of the foreign imported films, like those of recently popularized Turkish and Indians, the aspect of revisory and alteration are far little.
          Karima Malikzada