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Afghanistan owns another touring exhibition, hits visitors’ record, Hakimi

  KABUL: Afghanistan’s well-known treasuries, attributed to the Mes Aynak (Ainak Copper) and Bakhtar, the famous names of the country’s rich mines, have been recently displayed ... Full story

Quality education a must

 On March 20, the bell of schools was rung by President Ashraf Ghani.  In his speech, the president talked on the quality of education as saying ... Full story

Sayeda’s emerald necklace to be displayed in U.S.

 Lost her hearing after a critical earache, Sayeda’s oral interpreter and mainly her brother said a necklace weaved of emerald by her sister is expected ... Full story

Greenery of Women’s Park needs visitors’ cooperation

 The capital’s park special for women (Bagh-e-Zanana or Women Park) with its previous name since 2010 (Bagh-e-Shahrara or Shahrara Garden) had only a single building ... Full story

Herat National Gallery should be rebuilt

 The western province of Herat is the city of knowledge, civility and culture and the birthplace of Ansari and Jami. So, its ruined gallery verily ... Full story

Family Cinemas to boost film industry

 The Kahkashan Family Cinema has been established in Kabul to provide opportunities for the families so that to see their desired movies in a proper ... Full story

Art developing in Afghanistan Qadir Ariayee moving forward

 An Afghan actor, director and cinematographer, Qader Ariayee said he was making efforts to develop his own made film of Lezzat-e-Shawq ‘Joy of Enthusiasm’ to ... Full story

Telecommunications rates to be reduced, official

 The telecommunications has witnessed much improvements within last 14 years and more than 3 billion USD have been invested in the said sector so far. Talking ... Full story

Kabul still with no mayor; challenges going on

 The Kabul citizens have complained about the still government failure to have the capital with a mayor, to rapidly go ahead with the related affairs. One ... Full story

Public library to be digitalized if donors honor promises

 KABUL: The databases for the Public Library are expected to be digitalized if the donor entities practice their promises, an official said the other day. Chief ... Full story

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