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New computer initiative for book readers

In order to provide ease for those interested in book reading, new computerized system set in the 11th Kabul district helps find one’s favorite book ... Full story

Afghan special commando forces unique in the region: MoD Deputy Spokesman

Following the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, the ANSF assured the people that they are prepared to undertake full security responsibility throughout the country. ... Full story

Enrichment of Spanish Department requires urgent attention

 The Faculty of Languages and Literatures of Kabul University trains students in the fields of Dari, Pashto, English, Russian, Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish languages. But ... Full story

2,000 electronic passports can be distributed a day

 The process of distributing electronic passport had been started last year, with the capacity of distributing 2,000 passports to the applicants each day. The Kabul Times ... Full story

Drug addiction increase concerning

 Afghanistan ministry of counter-narcotics expressed concern over an eye-catching increase in addiction in the country, where the health sector says there was no enough capacity ... Full story

Kabul Zoo in progress

 Compared to the zoo worldwide, Kabul Zoo a sad place for an animal to live but still it attracts a large number of visitors during ... Full story

Leena Alam, successful cinema artist

  Leena Alam, the artist of cinema in Afghanistan began her artistic work in 1997. Despite this she promotes the responsibility of management of film-manufacturing company of ... Full story

Ahmad Shah Massoud high school needs urgent care

 According to Kabul city education department, in the last thirteen years over hundreds schools, have been constructed or rebuilt in Kabul city but still the ... Full story

Cinema situation in Afghanistan

 Cinema is a technology based audio visual media by which economic and cultural and artistic activity is taking place. But unfortunately at present the cinema ... Full story

Efforts underway to complete Salma Dam project: Official

 Located in 80km of Herat province’s Chashte Sharif district township, and surveyed in 1971, as one of the country’s key infrastructures, Salma Dam’s construction project ... Full story

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