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Comprehensive plans on hand to provide shelter for citizens, Ministry

 Beside other problems, lack of shelter is another problem faced by those countrymen who have no good economic situation and are suffering from such problem. The ... Full story

Acquaintance with a lady who was fond of joke since childhood

 In literature, Joke is called those literary versified or prose-poem verses which explain or challenge socio-politico or humanitarian and even philosophical ideas and behaviors in ... Full story

A calligrapher with charming fingertips

 Afghanistan is a country with huge cultural prides and each pages of its history could be considered as the symbol of artistic, scientific masterpieces and ... Full story

I want to show my work in foreign exhibition: Artist

 Painting coincides with the emerge of mankind, as under rummage into caves by the archeologists in some provinces of the country, particularly Samangan and many ... Full story

Kolya; a Czech film exhibited in Kabul

 The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kabul has recently screened “KOLYA” - An Academy Award Winner movie for the Best Foreign Language Film in ... Full story

Afghanistan’s 8th National Theater Festival

 The 8th Afghanistan National Theater Festival will be held on 26th Meezan (18 oct) in joint support with the Ministry of Information & Culture (MoIC) ... Full story

Tazza Burger factory needs government cooperation

 As a fast food worldwide, Burger has most of its consumers, for the first time arranged within a big factory in Afghanistan, where Abdul Karim, ... Full story

Medicinal herbs forgotten in Afghanistan: Apothecary

 As part of the Afghans’ indigenous culture, botany and traditional medication, with long background and special significance, is inherited from their ancestors since centuries. Such medications ... Full story

Transcript of President Karzai’s Interview with Voice of America, English Service

My first question is about elections. As a part of an agreement brokered by Secretary Kerry, both the candidates accepted that the winning candidate will form a new national unity government. But nobody has exact information about this new government named National Unity. What are your understandings of such a government? ... Full story

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