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President Ghani inaugurates Paktia power sub-station, key projects

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President Ghani attending the inaugural ceremony of Paktia power sub-station President Ghani attending the inaugural ceremony of Paktia power sub-station
 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, accompanied by cabinet members, paid a visit to Paktia yesterday and met with provincial, civil and military officials, Ulema and youth representatives, businessmen and women from all walks of life.
During his stay in Paktia, the country’s President inaugurated Gardez Sub-station in Gardez, provincial capital of the province.
In a ceremony held on this occasion, President Ghani congratulated opening the sub-station to the people of Paktia, adding that maintaining electricity in  Paktia was the first step towards providing employment and investment opportunities in the province.
He thanked the people of Paktia for their patience as lots of commitments have been made in the past, but not implemented. Afterwards, the country’s President participated in opening ceremony of construction projects of police headquarters, Gardez - Zurmat road, industrial park and Shuhada town and based on his instruction, work on the respective projects was officially opened. “All women, youth and elders of Paktia think nationally and have national thought and idea,” President said, adding that Paktia is the home of civilization and Balahesar as home of civilization will be reconstructed.
The country’s President further said that by opening the new electricity sub-station in Paktia, the price of 1KW electricity would reduce from 30 to 6 Afghani that would have principal role in industrialization of the province as electricity would help in creating and operating of factories.
Pointing to role and importance of education, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that during the current solar year, 6,000 schools would be constructed through ministry of rural rehabilitation and development’s citizen charter.
The country’s President praised the people of Paktia, Paktika and Khost for sharing the exports issue of pine nut with him, adding that the pine nut of Paktia would be soon known as Afghanistan pine nut in world markets.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani while stressing on maintaining peace and stability in the country said national unity government was committed to bringing peace, asking the people to help the government bring peace and hold transparent elections.
He considered widespread presence of the people as serious requirement in upcoming elections in the country.
In the ceremony, governor of Paktia Shamim Kattawazi by praising the country’s President for his visit to the province and attention to implementation of development and economic projects added electricity has been connected to Paktia by opening the sub-station in provincial capital.
It is worth mentioning that electrical sub-station, Gardez-Zurmat road, township for families of martyrs, teachers and government employees, industrial park, new facility for provincial police headquarters are the projects which were inaugurated by the president during his visit to Gardez, provincial capital of the province.