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Gul-e-Badam Festival held in Daikundi

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 NILI: Second Gul-e-BadamFestival held in Daikundi the other day, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported. 
According to the agency, attended by acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari, Daikundi officials, and a number of writers, culturists and journalists, the provincial governor Eng. Mahmoud Baligh called almond one of the key yields to expand the province’s economy. 
During the festival, acting minister Bawari called Daidundi, a province where its people are visibly busy in horticulture and agriculture sections, adding Gul-e-Badam festival is part of the province’s culture, BNA added. 
Preserving historical monuments of Daikundi is at the priority of the ministry for information and culture, Prof. Bawari said, adding a technical group consists of engineers has already been instructed to go to Daikundi and step up on repairing historical monuments, the agency added. 
Anwar Wafa Samandar, a representative of the local governing body, who also attended the festival said: “almond in Daikundi is important not only for the local economy of the people but also for the economy of the country.”
The cultural festival is held in Daikundi since years and last year, it has been registered as a festival by the ministry of information and culture, the agency continued. 
During his stay in Daikundi, acting minister Bawari visited MoIC’s provincial administrative building and asked its construction company’s in-charge to spare no effort in the respect.