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Fundamental reforms to take place in education sector, President Ghani

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Fundamental reforms to take place in education sector, President Ghani
 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani meeting a number of university lecturers and school students during his second day of visit from Pakita Province said that fundamental reforms to take place in education sector of the country.
The president went on saying the current year was named after education, adding teachers were doing the basic work for investment on human resources, aiming to train the future generation, the presidential statement said.
“My advice to Paktia governor is to invite education related heads of the districts in provincial meetings. Lack of school buildings to be solved by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development,” the president said as quoted in the statement.
President Ghani instructed Pakita governor to prepare the proposal for transferring of the provincial airport land to Pakita university. The president also vowed to solve the issues before agricultural research center.
Representing school teachers, Mohammad Asef Zeyar said there were achievements in 1396 Solar year, adding 600 teachers were recruited through open competition where 200 of which were female.
He went on saying teacher training courses were held, some schools reconstructed, and 4 out of 15 already closed schools were reopenedthrough support of the local residents. He also asked president to increase number of training courses, provide scholarships to teachers and address the issue before Teacher’s township in Pakita Province.
Meanwhile representing others, Prof. Yar Mohammad Paktin lecturer of Literature faculty of Pakita province said all relevant organs of the province should be given grade one privileges as the province has been ranked as grade one province of the country.
He asked establishment of faculties of Computer Sciences, Islamic teachings, Veterinary and center for agricultural research. He also asked for construction of Paktia cadre hospital, granting of master’s degree scholarships to teachers.
Concluding his speech, the president said vocational schools to be established in districts of the province in upcoming two years, instructing the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and Agriculture to continue consultative meetings with teachers to solve their problems.