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Government lands should be used in people’s interests: President Ghani

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President Ghani meeting with Paktia Provincial Council members President Ghani meeting with Paktia Provincial Council members
 PAKTIA: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on second day of his visit to Paktia met Monday with members of provincial council.
In the meeting, head of Paktia provincial council Abdul Malik Zazai by supporting the government’s all programs in particular the President’s development and economic programs assured of standing beside the government at any price.
Afterwards, other members of the council spoke and while supporting the government’s programs shared particular suggestions in connection with their province’s problems with the president.
They stressed on reviewing terrorist incident on Paktia police HQ, saying that results of the review should be shared with the people so that it would be cleared where the problem was.
Members of the council also said that for prevention of corruption in big economic and development projects in the country, contracts should not be given to lawmakers and powerful figures as they cannot assess development projects in a better way.
They asked for implementation of incomplete road construction projects and consultation with the people when new cadres are appointed.
Pointing to lack of land for Paktia University, members of the provincial council said land of the province’s old airport should be granted to the university, asking for creating night faculties and medical teaching hospital in the province.
Zarghona Hamid Totakhil, another member of the council, by pointing to problems of women in the province asked for attention to health condition of women, saying that a number of female doctors in the province are decreasing and maternal mortality rate is increasing in the province.
Afterwards, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke and praised members of Paktia provincial council for supporting the government’s programs and clearly enumerating their province’s problems. 
In the meeting attended by local military and civil officials, the country’s President stressed that lands that have been usurped should be specified and urgent measures should be adopted for prevention of usurpation.
“I’ve instructed the governor of Paktia to prepare a suggestion in particular for land of the university in the province and deliver it to cabinet session so the land is granted,” said President Ghani.
He considered lands of the province as suitable for agriculture, adding that for professionalization of the agriculture faculty, minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock has been instructed to create a structure based on which university students could make use of it for their experiment and research as it would help develop agriculture.
In connection with reforms in local government institutions, the country’s President said that reforms would be started in first stage in eight provinces including Paktia and would cover all sections and nobody has the right to interfere in the process.
The country’s President assured members of Paktia provincial council that the province was considered as the first level province from point of possibilities.