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Cabinet meeting discusses key issues on agenda

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Cabinet meeting discusses key issues on agenda
 KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the cabinet held session the other day, the presidential palace said in a statement.
According to the statement, professional deputy minister of justice, presented a master degree draft regulation, saying the mentioned draft, after revision in the session has been arranged in five chapters and 36 articles. 
After discussions, the cabinet didn’t approve the draft regulation and instructed the ministries of justice and higher education that in cooperation with relevant organs to review the draft and present it in next cabinet meetings, the statement added. 
Afterward, the minister of commerce and industries presented a work report on presidential decree on issuance of license by a specific administration, the statement continued. 
After thorough discussions, the cabinet tasked the ministry of commerce and industries to hold meetings with other ministries and government administrations and arrange a specific draft on easing license issuance process. 
Then, Afghan Red Crescent Society secretary general presented a report on receipt of money collected from hajis in 1396, adding 1000 Afg should be collected from every haji this year to be spent in curing those children with ventricular septal defect. 
Cabinet while approving the report instructed the ministry of hajj and endowment to collect 1000 afg from any haji and transfer it to Afghan Red Crescent Society’s account. 
Likewise, the cabinet instructed the ministry of foreign that in cooperation with Afghan Red Crescent Society to talk with Chinese government on curing those children with ventricular septal defect and discuss equipping Red Crescent Society Hospital with Saudi Arabia and present the results in next meeting.
During the meeting, the finance minister presented a report on budget operative reforms in processing allocation and payments of 1397. 
While approving the finance ministry’s report, the cabinet instructed the ministries and government administrations that in cooperation with national procurement administrationto arrange their procurement and financial plan and send it to finance ministry.
The minister of telecommunications and information technology presented a report on his ministry’s request and finance ministry’s agreement on amendment of paragraph no. (16), date 1396/10/06 of cabinet on mobile payment, during which it was approved by the session. At the end, eight topics of international treaties presented by foreign ministry that were approved by the cabinet.