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NEPA asks people to protect environment

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 KABUL: In a statement released by National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) on April 22 ‘World Land Day’, the people are asked to protect the environment, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported. 
According to the statement, April 22 is coincided with World Land Day, which is annually celebrated worldwide to protect land values and prevent pollution of environment, BNA further said. 
This year’s slogan of the World Land Day is ‘To End Plastic Pollution’, that has been chosen by UN, the agency added. 
Land pollution means soil’s contamination which leads to polluting environment, food and water and results in harming people’s health, the agency continued. 
Soil is one of the most valuable resources in nature, through which, 96 percent of required foodstuff are being ensured. 
Lack of sound soil would result to make life impossible on earth.
NEPA asks all countrymen not to contaminate the environment and join hands in greenery and beautification of their areas.   
Let’s say no to buying plastic bags! We should be committed on cleanliness of the land, through which our well-being would be guaranteed.