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NPC approves 20 contracts worth 2.3 billion Afghanis

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President Ghani  chairing NPC meeting at the Presidential Palace President Ghani chairing NPC meeting at the Presidential Palace
 KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurement Commission (NPC) held session the other day, the presidential palace said in a statement. 
During the meeting, 34 contracts were reviewed and consequently 20 of them worth 2.3 billion Afghanis were approved, the statement further said. 
The approved contracts are as follow:
1. Water supply project contract in Gardez city, Paktia province,
2. Contract of asphalting 8km road inside Char-e-Kar city, Parwan province related to the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development,
3. Contract on water supply network in Maimana city, Faryab province, conditional to final negotiation with volunteer company,
4. Contract on technical studies to develop and equip Herat International Airport, related to Afghanistan civil aviation independent Authority,
5. Procurement contract of fuels needed for Kabul Municipality vehicles, trucks and machineries,
6. Procurement contract of food items needed for higher education institutions and cadre hospitals in the center, related to the ministry of higher education, 
7. Procurement contract of two types of fuels (diesel & petrol) needed for finance ministry,
8. Consultative services contract to execute Afghanistan business information system program,
9. Procurement contract of electrical materials needed for power network related to Da Afghanistan Breshna Company,
10. Procurement contract of construction and miscellaneous materials needed for Da Afghanistan Breshna Company,
11. Contract of oxygen capsules needed for public health ministry’s facilities,
12. Procurement contract of IT equipment for public health departments in 34 provinces,
13. Contract of parts’procurement project to basically repair 3 power generators related to defense ministry, 
14. Contract of maintenance, facilities and Afghan national army equipment,
15. Contract of five items of fresh fruits needed for Thunder 203 Army Corps,
16. Contract of 30 items of foodstuff needed for general logistic department, interior ministry,
17. Contract of 26 items of foodstuff for prisons and detentions department, interior ministry,
18. Contract amendment with increasing the cost of maintenance services of public credits registration system, Da Afghanistan Bank,
19. Contract amendment with increasing the price of a 100-bed hospital construction in Laghman province,
20. Contract amendment with increasing the cost of a services project on ensuring security of Hamid Karzai, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif International Airports.
Furthermore, NPC approved the contract of Da Ariana Afghan Airlines to transfer national army personnel, the statement added. 
The president also instructed the ministries of public works and public health to pay further heed on time management and completion of their development projects.