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Congratulatory messages on Saur 8th

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 KABUL: Ministries of information and culture, public benefits and a number of others, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), a number of government organs, independent directorates, private unions, associations, cultural and social organizations, tribal councils, political parties and organizations, universities, higher education institutes, government and private high schools sent congratulatory messages on Saur 8th, BNA reported the other day.
They congratulated Saur 8, 26th victory anniversary of Mujahidinto President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, CE Abdullah Abdullah, vice presidents, CE deputies, cabinet members, national assembly heads, supreme court, Afghan security forces and entire Afghan nation, the messages further said. 
The messages pointed out on stopping of war and bloodshed and stressed on unity among the Afghan nation, fighting corruption and other social abnormalities throughout the country, the messages added.