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MoIC’s statement on Kabul twin blasts

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 KABUL: Regretfully, once again, the enemies of the country committed in-human acts in the capital Kabul, where tens of people were martyred and dozens of others injured, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported on Monday.
Leadership of the minister for information and culture condemns the terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms and asks security and judicial organs to make effort and identify and punish those behind these barbaric acts, according to the agency.
Unfortunately, besides other Afghan citizens, media staff were also targeted in a deadly incident, in which ten journalists and cameramen were martyred in Kabul and Khost provinces, BNA added. 
Today’s incident proved that the terrorists are not bound by any law or religion and they target whoever they want, BNA continued. 
As an advocate of freedom of speech and media, the ministry of information and culture asks people, civil and political parties and different segments of the society to cooperate with the government in identifying those culprits behind such deadly acts.
The MoIC’s leadership asks paradise for those martyred and great patience to their families.