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All organs responsible should ease assistance to people in need, CE Abdullah

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All organs responsible should ease assistance to people in need, CE Abdullah
 KABUL: Presided over by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the counter disasters high commission held meeting on codifying emergency comprehensive plan to fight drought and steps taken in the respect, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported on Monday. 
CE Abdullah said to fairly distribute assistances, the vulnerable provinces should be prioritized to be understood which province or region is more endangered, the agency added.
CE tasked state minister on counter disasters to codify a specific mechanism to create coordination and arrange assistances based on needs, BNA went on to say.
State minister on counter disasters Najib Aqa Fahim reported that his ministry has transferred $140 mln to 20 provinces based on vulnerability level so emergency assistances are delivered in short period of time, BNA continued.
He added that foodstuff packages would be sent to 31000 families through provincial committees, the agency continued. 
The ministry of agriculture reported that 12000 tons of animal feed have been sent to Ghor, Badghis, Faryab and Jauzjan provinces and work is ongoing on wheat distribution and buying plan from silos.
In case of facing any problem while providing animal feed, $300 or 500 million is needed, the ministry added. 
UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs announced to response drought in four zones, it is working on food safety, potable water, health and education, and its budget has been supposed to be over $100 million. 
UN in a report said that 20 provinces are in danger of drought, where have been classified to three sections based on probable dangers’ rate.
State ministry on counter disasters said that the figures provided by emergency provincial committees, international organizations and central statistics office show considerable differences, which is a serious challenge. 
Afterward, CE Abdullah instructed his first deputy to hold a videoconference with 20 provincial governors and assess the situation.
During the meeting, it was decided that the Red Crescent office to collect the exact figure of vulnerable provinces and affected people and present it at the end of this week. 
CE Abdullah stressed on exact assessment of drought situation and fairly distribution of assistances to needy people.